2012 Silver Britannia

2012 Silver Britannia

Numis Network is proud to introduce December’s Silver Coin of the Month, the 2012 Silver Britannia. This beautiful coin is ANACS certified and graded numismatically perfect mint state 70.

Who is Britannia? The personification of the goddess Britannia has been an iconic image for Britain for well over a thousand years. She’s played a pivotal role in the mythology of the British people as a unifier — and also as a protector.

She has been represented on Britannia currency since the Romans. But her first appearance on British currency did not happen until the reign of Charles II in the 1600s.

The numismatic coin is not only a collectible, but is also a silver coin of legal tender value. And of course the collectible value is much greater than its legal tender value, or even the silver that is in the coin.

The MS70 2012 Silver Britannia is made of .958 fine silver and has a legal tender value of 2 pounds sterling. It’s an amazing coin to add to your collection.

Philip Nathan‘s design of Britannia was first created to personify the mythical goddess and the British people’s link to the sea, and their pride in their Naval history.

The reverse shows Britannia as a standing figure on a clifftop. You can see the classical depiction of her in a flowing gown with her trident in one hand and her shield next to her side. Also an olive branch is in her other hand to symbolize peace. And upon her head is a Corinthian helmet.

Surrounding the image of Britannia are inscribed the words, “Britannia | 2012 | One | Ounce | Fine | Silver.”

Supplies are limited, so don’t delay! Numis Network makes it convenient and risk-free for Silver Coin of the Month Club members with its exclusive 5-year 100% buyback guarantee.

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