2012 Silver Canadian Moose

2012 Silver Canadian Moose

2012 SilverCanadianMoosePresenting March’s Silver Coin of the Month from Numis Network, the 2012 Silver Canadian Moose. ANACS certified, this inspiring coin is graded numismatically perfect mint state 70.

Here’s one Canadian moose that you will NOT forget — the 2012 Silver Canadian Moose coin. Now in its second year of production from the Royal Canadian Mint, the Silver Canadian Moose coin is made of 1 ounce of pure silver: that’s 99.9% pure silver. This is the fourth coin in the Canadian Wildlife series. A six-coin series, the next coin will be announced later this year.

Most notable about the 2012 Silver Canadian Moose is the limited mintage. Mint state 70 graded coins are harder to find, that is why they’re more valuable. Don’t miss out on getting that MS70 because you’re not a member of Numis Network’s Silver Coin of the Month Club!

SilverCanadianMooseModern numismatic coins are the fastest growing segment of the $100 billion worldwide market. Now we have the perfect answer for collectors who value convenience, selection and integrity with a reputable retailer. Join today and enjoy fun with the entire family by collecting, creating and preserving wealth with Numis Network’s exclusive Silver Coin of the Month Club.

The Royal Canadian Mint has placed a strict limit on the number of 2012 Silver Canadian Moose coins produced. Silver Coin of the Month Club members can conveniently order the 2012 Silver Canadian Moose risk-free with the best guarantee in the numismatic industry — Numis Network’s 5-year 100% buyback guarantee.

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