7 Essential Tools For Online Business

7 Essential Tools For Online Business

Taking notesAs home and online business explodes in the new economy, you may wonder what tools are absolutely essential and how much does it cost? Here are 7 tools you need for generating income online.

1. Websites – Decide what primary company you want to partner with. For example, a network marketing company will have replicated websites and capture pages (opt-ins) to promote. Affiliate programs will have prebuilt and customizable sales and capture pages. Choose a company for long-term residual income and find out the monthly expenses associated with membership.

Your network marketing company may charge a processing fee for your websites; for example $9.95/month. Some affiliate programs are completely free to join. Other partners require that you purchase at least one product. Effective websites are essential for every online business.

2. Autoresponder – Every business — including home business, small business, big business, and network marketing — must have a list of contacts. No list equals no sales. The purpose of your capture pages is to get your potential customer’s contact information. This allows you to build long-term relationships by calling your leads, through email marketing, advertisements, postcards, videos and blogging. You can buy an autoresponder from GetResponse starting at $9.95 a month. Many marketers prefer Aweber starting at $19.99 a month. Whatever option you choose, an autoresponder is absolutely essential to the success of your online business.

3. Personal Blog – Your blog is your personal real estate on the Internet where visitors can find out more about you and get valuable content. It serves as your central hub, connecting you with visitors through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Register domain names at GoDaddy for $3.99-$12.99 each (billed annually). HostGator offers unlimited web hosting starting at $3.96 a month, billed annually. This is where you brand yourself, provide value and stand out from the pack.

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4. Marketing System – Sales and marketing drives the success of every business–whether it’s home business, small business or big business. You need systems to market your products and services automatically.

Better Web Builder is completely generic and free. It includes an auto- responder and blogging feature. Members get free basic training every Saturday and Tuesday, including live Twitter training.

For comprehensive, in-depth training, MyLeadSystem PRO is an excellent marketing system @ $49.97 a month. Members learn all methods of marketing both online and offline. Training includes video marketing, article marketing, prebuilt campaigns, SEO, attraction marketing, content syndication, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, Craigslist advertising, Facebook and Twitter training, branding, affiliate marketing and more. Annual live events.

Two of the best educational marketing systems in the home business industry today are Magnetic Sponsoring and The Renegade Network Marketer. With educational marketing you can profit even if your customers do not join your primary network marketing company. Your prospects pay You to become your leads! Both provide expert training on how to market online, email marketing, and how to integrate social media into your marketing strategy.

Your marketing system is what many of your potential customers are looking for. Sell your marketing system and teach others how to profit online. You’ll have loyal customers for life.

5. Content Syndication – Drive more traffic to your content with TribePRO and Onlywire. With the touch of a button, your content is syndicated to all the social media sites you choose. Think even bigger: with a tribe of hundreds of people sharing your content, your content will consistently rank high on the search engines. You can join both services for free.

6. CEO Mindset – Your mindset is the important tool of all. You’re not in Employeeland any more. As a businessperson you will face many challenges. Your greatest resource is your own inner voice, intuition and instinct. Control your focus, your thoughts and your emotions in order to succeed. Invest your time and money on books and courses to learn business skills. Listen to success audios daily. Study successful people. Read and write daily. If you cannot control your thoughts and emotions, you will fail. Persist until you succeed.

7. Cash Flow For Your Business
Network marketing distributors typically have a minimum purchase each month ranging from $50-$150. It’s imperative as a business owner that you generate enough cash to cover your expenses and reinvest in marketing. Industry leaders agree that you must offer potential customers value on the front end — and generate cash to run your primary business.

Your highest quality leads will be people who opt-in for your offers and purchase generic free, low- and medium-cost products from you.

There are costs associated with ANY business. Take some time to plan how you will fund your business. Factor in affiliate marketing commissions and creating products your customers will love. Help others to get what THEY want and you will always have an endless stream of satisfied customers.

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