A Better Business Model – Team Building

Cindy McMillanFriends, I want to share a vision of my goals: Build a successful home-based business. Grow professionally each day, learn new skills and teach like-minded people. Help others create the life of their dreams. My spirit is nourished each day. I am filled with gratitude and joy. I own my home outright. I have perfect health and vitality. My relationships are harmonious. The world is a better place because of me.

Hi, I’m Cindy McMillan. In July 2010 I started a network marketing business. It will take time and hard work to reach my goals. But I won’t be alone. People with dreams of their own will join me and we will succeed together.

I’ll be honest. I have a lot to learn. But it will be fun to learn with my TEAM. We’ll practice the fundamentals, set up our websites, and write insightful articles. We’ll share resources, support each other and offer encouragement. We’ll meet regularly to train and brainstorm. We’ll host webinars to inform and educate others. We’ll take strategic ACTION to grow our businesses.

You see, in this business model, the only way I succeed is when YOU succeed.

If you want to start a home-based business, consider a unique and exciting company positioned for growth which delivers graded silver and gold numismatic coins to your customers each month, while you collect assets to enjoy for decades. This company offers lasting value, long term residual income, and fits perfectly with my beliefs about financial freedom.

I’m looking for 5 like-minded individuals to join me in making OUR businesses a success. To me, the most important qualities in a business associate are desire, commitment and professionalism. I’m interested in people with the mindset of business owner for the long term. Call me and let’s talk. As your sponsor, I am dedicated to your business goals.

Peace and prosperity,

Cindy McMillan
Network Marketing Consultant

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