About Us

Cindy McMillanWe all want more time, more freedom, financial independence and mobility. But how? Creating a better lifestyle takes time, dedication, motivation and lots of new skills. That's why I started my home business. To help others (and myself!) transition from the 9-to-5 treadmill to a fuller, more enjoyable life with the time and money to live YOUR way.

Cindy and her team are dedicated to teaching people about the benefits of network marketing and pursuing a career in online business. Her goal is to help you achieve your business goals by mastering the fundamentals (building relationships, inviting and training) and using online technology to reach thousands of prospects.

Team members enjoy working with Cindy because she cares about their goals and puts their needs first. They can relax knowing they have a competent leader just a phone call away so they can focus on business innovation.

Before starting her network marketing business in 2010, Cindy worked 15 years in Baltimore, Maryland as a legal secretary and office manager in two demanding, high-pressured law firms. Deadlines were critical and she juggled assignments, court dates, and client meetings. In Las Vegas she worked 10 years assisting with department and college administration at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Today she enjoys helping customers and working with network marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Cindy resides in Henderson, Nevada, and loves the desert landscape and sunny weather of the southwestern United States. When she's not building her home business, she enjoys hiking, reading and movies.


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