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International Day of Peace and More Good News…

Tweet International Day of Peace and More Good News... Did you know that today is the United Nations International Day of Peace? We all have had our fill of bad news around the world. Today, and every day, we can consciously pause, choose to filter out the BAD news, and pay attention only to the […]

September 2012 Personal Development

Tweet September 2012 Personal Development My sincere apology for being missing in action. Sometimes I get pulled in so many directions that I don't blog consistently. Got to get a handle on that. Does that sometimes happen to you? We've just added The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz to the book store. This […]

August Book of the Month

Tweet August Book Of The Month Oops. I meant to post this earlier. We've just added What to Say When you Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter to the book store. This is the book we are studying as a team this month. You can never overestimate the power of daily personal development time. Your […]

Get Back To Basics

Tweet Get Back To Basics Sometimes you have to call a time-out, breathe, and get back to basics. The past 3 months have just plain worn me out. My home is on the market (not because I WANT to sell), I work part-time at the university, and I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to […]

How Committed Are You?

Tweet How Committed Are You? The Summer Olympics in London, England began this Friday with a spectacular opening ceremony. The athletes are competing now as millions watch on television around the globe. How committed do you think the athletes had to be to compete in this year's games? Can you imagine the level of commitment […]

How To Write A Sales Letter

Tweet How To Write A Sales Letter Whether you write a sales letter for direct mail or the Internet, an effective campaign can attract hundreds of new customers and boost your sales. You need a system to turn words into profits. Learn this one skill, and you'll have the power to create a successful business […]

Escape The Cubicle

Tweet Escape The Cubicle This post is for people in "cubicle jobs" who feel like they're serving time. I know because I've been there. When I took my first cubicle job in the 1970s I had my whole life in front of me. It was a pretty good job and paid the rent on my […]

Women in Small Business

Tweet Women In Small Business Are you a future business owner? If the answer is yes, you'll join millions of women who have founded their own businesses. Women continue to create new small businesses in record numbers. More people need to know about the ongoing research conducted by the National Women's Business Council. Help me […]

Average Is Officially Over

Tweet Average Is Officially Over More than ever, when you figure out the world we’re living in today, you will understand that being “average” is officially over. Want to do more than just survive? Bring something extra in this hyper-connected global community. Whether it’s at your job or your home business, innovation is the new […]

Working Behind the Scenes

Tweet We’re working behind the scenes to bring you relevant content you can use NOW for your business. What is the biggest challenge for your home business? Share your comments here! Cindy McMillan Providing Solutions for Home Business in Today’s Economy P.S. Discover how Mike went from waiting tables to 6 figures in 18 months. […]