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Teachers On The Chopping Block

Tweet Teachers On The Chopping Block The job market in Las Vegas was devastated in 2008. Compared to 1998 when I moved here, it seems like construction workers have all but disappeared. New home building has grinded to a halt these past few years. State education budgets were also hit hard and the carnage hasn’t […]

Career Employee Embraces Network Marketing

Tweet Career Employee Embraces Network Marketing If you worked for someone else your entire life, you may be skeptical about network marketing, even part-time. As an employee, someone tells you what to do. You do your job and receive regular pay on a routine schedule. It always made sense to most people… until the financial […]

Breaking Through Barriers

Tweet Breaking Through Barriers A few nights ago I was sitting in my home office sipping on a cold glass of almond milk sprinkled with nutmeg. I had just opened an email from my favorite realtor in Henderson, with a message about the sale of my home that really caught us both off guard… Offer […]

How To Sell More Naturally

Tweet How To Sell More Naturally If you are new to online sales and marketing, there’s a good chance that you are struggling to make sales. Many people hate the thought of becoming a ‘salesman’ at first. It can feel sooooo unnatural. It takes skill to communicate effectively with potential customers. So how can you […]

Getting Back On Track

Tweet Getting Back On Track You probably already know that one of the toughest aspects of running your own home business is establishing a routine… and sticking to it. So how do you get back ON track when you get OFF track? Here’s what I mean. The past month I’ve been working part-time at the […]

More Time for Elderly Parents and Kids

Tweet More Time for Elderly Parents and Kids: Baby Boomers Feeling Squeezed My generation is feeling squeezed. We’re caring for elderly parents and making time for teenagers and young grandchildren and nieces and nephews. We need more time. A few days ago my sister called me from Maryland at 10:30 on a rainy Sunday night. […]

Can’t Retire? How Home Business Can Help

Tweet Can’t Retire? How Home Business Can Help If you’re like 100 million older Americans who can’t retire, a home business can help. Owning a home business is not easy, but the financial reward is well worth the commitment. Retiring is more a lifestyle than an age. A home business gives you the chance to […]

2012 Silver Canadian Moose

Tweet 2012 Silver Canadian Moose Presenting March’s Silver Coin of the Month from Numis Network, the 2012 Silver Canadian Moose. ANACS certified, this inspiring coin is graded numismatically perfect mint state 70. Here’s one Canadian moose that you will NOT forget — the 2012 Silver Canadian Moose coin. Now in its second year of production […]

Network Marketing Expert Shares Proven Phone Scripts

Tweet Network Marketing Expert Shares Proven Phone Scripts Now that you have people to talk to about your network marketing business, do you have proven phone scripts, or do you sound like a fool? Network marketing is unique in that the most effective way to build a sales organization involves talking to people on the […]

Network Marketing Downline Builder

Tweet Network Marketing Downline Builder Need help building your network marketing downline? What is the best downline builder to use? Does a network marketing downline builder even exist? Well, I think you already know there are DOZENS of "downline builders" for your network marketing business. But there is no one magic bullet -- except YOU. […]