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Economy Puts Focus On Family

Tweet In 2011, financial education is more important than ever. The world economy is faltering. The job market is forever changed. Working as an employee for 35-40 years is no guarantee of a comfortable retirement–it’s just not the reality for most people. Preparing for retirement by saving 15 percent of your income and reducing expenses […]

5 Simple Steps To Online Marketing Success

Tweet Here is a simple online attraction marketing blueprint for success in 6 to 12 months: Step 1: Become a student and become more valuable. Study direct response and attraction marketing. Step 2: Provide solutions using simple replicated attraction marketing websites. Give freely without want. Step 3: Personalize.  Add your voice and your videos to […]

Home Business Marketing Strategies

Tweet One of the toughest challenges for starting a home-based business is learning how to market your products and services on the Internet. Where do you start? It can be daunting to set up a blog for the first time, or create a sales funnel and lead capture page. And until you understand the principles […]

Make Valuable Business Contacts with

Tweet A great way to expose your business and expand your circle of influence is to attend live networking events. You get the chance to meet people, have fun and build lasting relationships. With there are hundreds of groups you can join for business development and for personal interests such as cooking, hiking, wellness […]

Numismatic Coins Versus Bullion: Strive For Balance

Tweet It’s four days until Christmas. I won’t be traveling this year, thank goodness. It’s a time to reflect on the past 12 months, appreciate the present, and look forward to the future. My thoughts are focused on images of a prosperous year in 2011 and the people I’ll meet, places I’ll visit, new friends […]

Investment Strategies of the Rich

Tweet The holidays are here and we are busy with work, shopping for gifts and preparing for celebrations. It’s easy to distract ourselves about what’s happening in our personal finances and the global economy. If you are wealthy and prepared for the economic tsunami coming our way, I applaud you. You already know the value […]

Remember Your Customers This Holiday

Foster good relationships with your customers with holiday greeting cards. Share the holiday spirit!

Thankful For Being Loved

Tweet Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States–my favorite holiday. Time for gratitude, reflection and celebration. I’m so grateful for my friends and family, my parents, my warm home, the peaceful neighborhood I live in, and my work. I’m grateful for things I often take for granted, like my eyes and ears and hands, […]

Starting A Business Can Be Scary

Tweet If you’re terrified about starting a business, you are not alone. It’s scary thinking about the investment of time and money required in order to turn a profit. Starting your own business is a commitment you should take seriously. There are so many offers and opportunities for home based businesses that you can easily […]

7 Ways to Up Your Focus and See Your Vision Realized Sooner!

Why is it that when we're under a deadline we get so much done? Have you noticed that often your most successful actions have been when you were really committed or really desperate to make a change?