Breaking Through Barriers

Breaking Through Barriers

Breaking through soonA few nights ago I was sitting in my home office sipping on a cold glass of almond milk sprinkled with nutmeg. I had just opened an email from my favorite realtor in Henderson, with a message about the sale of my home that really caught us both off guard… Offer rejected. Three months of paperwork and negotiating down the drain.

Breaking through barriers has been the theme in my life the past few months. I’ll bet you have some barriers of your own that you are trying to break through.

Since I retired 3 years ago, most people want to know how I was able to start a new career over the past few years, and survive the initial drop in income and rejection I experienced. But others had a different question…

They wanted to know what it was like before I started my home business… How did I feel when I realized that after working 35 years for someone else, I hadn’t even come close to my potential, much less financially secure?

Ouch. At first it was a bitter pill to swallow. After all, I can never get those years back and start all over. I’ll never forget when I got in my car to drive home on my last day as a full-time employee.

It felt like the happiest day of my life. I felt free. I was exhilarated. Endless possibilities were waiting for me to explore. But that’s not all. It was also a little scary. How long would my savings last? And then what? I still had a mortgage to pay. It wasn’t like I had PLANNED to retire in 2009. It happened so fast.

Here I was in my fifties with no backup plan. But I wasn’t going to let that spoil the heavenly experience of waking up without the sound of a loud alarm clock. I was grateful for the peaceful mornings and wanted it to last forever.

For decades, it was literally eating me up on the inside–rushing every morning to shower, eating breakfast on the run and driving on the highway for the stressful commute to work.

And then I got off the 9-to-5 treadmill. I spent the last year without new outfits, new shoes, or my favorite gym. I had to give up my hairdresser, manicures and Netflix because I put my meager income into my home business. Marketing systems, websites, books, business cards, live events, memberships, training…

At one point, I had to sell my living room furniture just to eat and keep the lights on. And my house is still on the market. Luckily I found an apartment I can afford once my house is sold.

While working on my business I needed money to pay the bills, and for food and gas, so I started working part-time at the state university. It’s a great job and I enjoy the good people there.

My networking friends were having more success than me, talking about their 5- and 6-figure incomes, their new homes, and the new cars they just earned. With their outgoing, confident personalities, they outperformed me by a lot!

I was the baby boomer who couldn’t keep up, making $250 a week at a part-time job, after working full time all those years. I was 55 years old, and it was humiliating.

Cindy McMillan

But I continued to push forward and I’m glad I did, because my big breakthrough is just around the corner. Why am I telling you this? All successful people struggle in the beginning, they just don’t tell you that!

You are so close. Keep pushing toward your dream. Your big breakthrough is just around the next corner.

To Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
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