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How To Accumulate Wealth: Millionaire Case Studies

Tweet How To Accumulate Wealth: Millionaire Case Studies Discover the shocking truth about how millionaires chose their vocation and the importance of the spouse in wealth accumulation. Learn how they choose a home and run an economically productive household. It's all here and you'll be surprised, in Dr. Stanley's best-selling book: The Millionaire Mind TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

What Is Residual Income?

Tweet What Is Residual Income? If you are applying for a loan, residual income is the money left over after you've paid your mortgage and monthly expenses. In a business context, a more common definition is income received on a recurring basis for work done one time. For example, monthly rental income after buying a […]

September 2012 Personal Development

Tweet September 2012 Personal Development My sincere apology for being missing in action. Sometimes I get pulled in so many directions that I don't blog consistently. Got to get a handle on that. Does that sometimes happen to you? We've just added The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz to the book store. This […]

August Book of the Month

Tweet August Book Of The Month Oops. I meant to post this earlier. We've just added What to Say When you Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter to the book store. This is the book we are studying as a team this month. You can never overestimate the power of daily personal development time. Your […]

How To Write A Sales Letter

Tweet How To Write A Sales Letter Whether you write a sales letter for direct mail or the Internet, an effective campaign can attract hundreds of new customers and boost your sales. You need a system to turn words into profits. Learn this one skill, and you'll have the power to create a successful business […]

Women in Small Business

Tweet Women In Small Business Are you a future business owner? If the answer is yes, you'll join millions of women who have founded their own businesses. Women continue to create new small businesses in record numbers. More people need to know about the ongoing research conducted by the National Women's Business Council. Help me […]

Average Is Officially Over

Tweet Average Is Officially Over More than ever, when you figure out the world we’re living in today, you will understand that being “average” is officially over. Want to do more than just survive? Bring something extra in this hyper-connected global community. Whether it’s at your job or your home business, innovation is the new […]

Network Marketing Downline Builder

Tweet Network Marketing Downline Builder Need help building your network marketing downline? What is the best downline builder to use? Does a network marketing downline builder even exist? Well, I think you already know there are DOZENS of "downline builders" for your network marketing business. But there is no one magic bullet -- except YOU. […]

Own More Silver and Gold Money

Tweet Own More Silver and Gold Money Don’t put it off any longer. Preserve and protect your wealth with silver and gold money. The wealthy already know this. If you have no precious metals in your portfolio, start buying silver and gold money now. A growing number of analysts like Chris Martenson, Robert Kiyosaki, Michael […]

A Home Business With No Credibility?

Tweet A Home Business With No Credibility Have you just started a home business only to find that nobody listens to you because you have no credibility? Let’s face it, who would buy from you when you’re completely unknown, with no list of accomplish- ments to command respect and gain credibility with your prospects? Ouch. […]