Don’t Wait ‘Til You’re 58! Start A Home Business Today

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Don't Wait 'Til You're 58! Start A Home Business Today

Talking it over

The past 3 years have been nothing short of transformational. I was almost 55 when I started my home business; this month I turned 58. So glad I made the decision to get started. Don't wait as long as I did!

I remember that day in the spring of 2009 when I knew my full-time job was definitely NOT a good fit for me (that's putting it mildly) and was no longer tolerable.

I walked away from a relatively secure state government job with good benefits during a historic economic downturn with no idea how I was going to pay my mortgage. Call me crazy, but if I had not left my old 40-hour-week 'matrix' and entered unknown territory, I would probably never have started this website and my own growing home business (and met you!).

Don't wait 'til your 58! Seventeen reasons why you should seriously consider starting a home business:

  1. Get paid what you are worth
  2. Experience transformational personal growth
  3. Learn powerful new business building skills
  4. Help hundreds or thousands of people with your products and services
  5. Keep more of what you earn with business tax benefits
  6. Soak up results-getting training from top earner industry leaders
  7. Turn around your mindset about money
  8. Enter a whole new world of entrepreneurship
  9. Unleash your inner genius and creativity
  10. Replace and surpass your employment income
  11. Spend more time with family and friends, enjoy the great outdoors, and travel to new destinations
  12. Attend exciting educational live events; discover successful motivational speakers you never knew existed
  13. Discover the power of teamwork for everyone's success
  14. Empower yourself to handle any circumstance
  15. Become the person you want to be, live where you want to live, create the life you choose
  16. Attract new friends and colleagues who support your dreams
  17. Build YOUR dreams, not somebody else's. Turn your crazy dreams into reality!

If you've ever experienced pain and suffering because of a financial setback -- we all have -- remember this. It's our THOUGHTS about an event that cause the pain! Instead ask the questions 'what can I learn from this?' and 'how can I turn this situation around quickly for the good of all concerned?' Focus your energy on the solution. It's not as easy as it sounds. But you have to imagine a positive outcome and spend more energy on that.

There's nothing you can do about the past. But a bright future still awaits. Don't wait until you're 58! Start a home business today.


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