Get Back To Basics

Get Back To Basics

getting back to basics

Sometimes you have to call a time-out, breathe, and get back to basics. The past 3 months have just plain worn me out. My home is on the market (not because I WANT to sell), I work part-time at the university, and I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear about a loan modification from my lender.

My network marketing business has suffered because I have not been focused. Has that ever happened to you? You might have demands on your time that derail your home business routine. Whenever that happens, I buckle down and get back to basics.

First, I remind myself why I chose network marketing in the first place. My company just celebrated its third anniversary at national convention last week. Holy cow, it just keeps getting better and better! Network marketing offers a lifestyle that I could not achieve in 30 years working 9-to-5. Remember why you started?

Second, I get back to basics and connect with people directly. You may get a call from me this month. I love posting on my blog but it's not the same as talking with people on the phone. Really, connecting with people is the fun part!

Cindy McMillan

There's no point in waiting on the sidelines for a miracle. You have to light the fire from within... and choose to commit. Get back to basics: cultivate a positive attitude, identify your niche, provide solutions, build relationships, and connect with others.

Talk soon,

Cindy McMillan

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