Getting Back On Track

Getting Back On Track

Off the trailYou probably already know that one of the toughest aspects of running your own home business is establishing a routine… and sticking to it. So how do you get back ON track when you get OFF track?

Here’s what I mean. The past month I’ve been working part-time at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). At the same time I sold my home, now in escrow, and we close in two weeks. And that’s not all. I enrolled in an online course on copywriting, a skill that every professional marketer needs.

So I have really gotten off track with posting to my blog and with other marketing activities. It happens. The point is to recognize it and focus on getting back on track. Every new marketer goes through a slowdown. Everyone struggles in the beginning. But successful people are both persistent and disciplined.

And did I mention that the No Excuses 3 Summit starts tomorrow in Las Vegas! A sold out, jam-packed live event with all of the top internet marketers together in one place. Live Streaming, April 20-22 Wow!

3 Steps To Get Back On Track

  1. Review your goals and get clear. Energize your intention with positive thoughts and feelings
  2. Notice any resistance and use it to reclaim your power
  3. Persist toward your vision and take ACTION now

Never speak or think about the possibility of failure. Make adjustments if you need to, learn from people who are getting results, and implement changes now. Sounds easy, but sadly most people will not stay on track toward their purpose. Successful people will persist.

Cindy McMillan

NOW is the perfect time to map out a marketing plan for your business. Make 2012 your best year ever!

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