Gratitude Day

Gratitude Day

Thanksgiving meal

I'm filled with gratitude pretty much every day. But today is special. As I write to you now from my home office, the delicious aroma of turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans emanates from the kitchen warmly announcing dinner in a few hours. I love the smell of turkey in the oven. An American tradition on Thanksgiving Day.

I confess I don't much like to cook -- too messy. My favorite way to prepare meals is the all-in-one-pot slow cooker. And I really love creating new salad combinations from the many fresh ingredients at the Whole Foods Market salad bar. So grateful for the bounty of food available at local grocery stores. I hope that everyone will have a hot nutritious meal today, surrounded by angels and good cheer. Gratitude will transform your life.

Consider the people and things you take for granted, list them one by one, and surround all with Gratitude. Be grateful for lessons learned. Be grateful for delays, disappointments, and endings. All circumstances in life are part of the process taking you closer to your dreams. Cultivate Gratitude and give thanks continuously.

Gratitude transformsGratitude is a big deal. Especially if you are self employed. Think of all the people and circumstances that got you where you are today. Feel that profound Gratitude! You cannot long keep from dissatisfaction with the way things are without Gratitude. The grateful mind is constantly fixed on the best, and will receive the best. Gratitude will bring you into harmony with the good in everything.

Make it a practice to acknowledge Gratitude for your friends, your family, your customers and business associates. I'm especially grateful to live in a country where I can choose home business, and to work doing something I love. There's just no comparison to working for somebody else for wages. Your feelings about work change dramatically when you're building a business that can touch the lives of thousands for the better.

Cindy McMillanThink of all the people who have contributed to your success, and include them in your Gratitude. More good people will be drawn into your life.

With sincere Gratitude,

Cindy McMillan

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