Honor Your Past Then Challenge The Rules

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Honor Your Past Then Challenge The Rules

Wintry mix in Maryland, Dec. 2013

When you were born, you unconditionally accepted beliefs about what's possible in life from your parents and environment. Often limiting beliefs are more predominant. It's important to respect and examine your past, and decide which beliefs have outlived their usefulness. It is also time to consciously decide what YOUR beliefs are and what's possible for you.

I lived in Maryland for 34 years. Before I was born, my parents met at Morgan State College in Baltimore. My dad joined the Army after he graduated from college and was stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. My parents got married in Baltimore and moved to North Carolina, where I was born and my sister and brother (fraternal twins) were born the following year.

Blizzard Dec. 2013Next my dad was stationed in Waikiki, Hawaii, where my youngest sister was born. Eventually our family settled down in Baltimore in 1961.

When you're a young child, you don't think about whether your family is rich or poor or notice that the people in your neighborhood have somehow changed skin color. Your job is to go to school, play softball at the park, jump rope, play dodge ball in the alley, fly kites and play jacks on the front porch. I still keep in touch with my good friend Linda now for over 50 years. On a visit this month to see my mother in Maryland, I talked to Linda. The weather was awful and roads were icy, so we didn't get a chance to see each other.

Now I live in Henderson, Nevada (near Las Vegas). When I turned 40 I challenged the rules and left Maryland, taking a job in northern California. My mom was appalled. It was the biggest decision of my life -- I challenged the status quo and took a risk. Even while honoring all the sacrifices my parents made for me. That decision paid off and I am forever grateful.

Cornerstone Park, Henderson NV

Cornerstone Park, Henderson NV

Are you better off than you were 12 months ago? If the answer is no, things won't improve by themselves. Time is flying faster than a high speed train. There has never been a better time to test the limits of your parents' reality and your own beliefs about what is possible for you.

Learn how lifestyle design principles can work for you to overcome the old concept of retirement: work 40 years like a slave during your best years, and if you're lucky (and in good health), you'll have enough money to retire and do the things you've always wanted. There is every reason not to wait to start living the life of your dreams. Honor your past then challenge the rules.

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