How Can I Get Customers?

How Can I Get Customers?

we're open! The number one question I get from network marketers is "How can I get customers?" After all, that's why you joined your network marketing company or created your service or product. The short answer is you need massive exposure (the good kind). You want to get customers? Give people a reason to buy from you.

Position Yourself By Standing Out
Obviously you're not the only one selling your product or service and you are competing with other reps in your network marketing company. How can you get customers if no one's ever heard of you? Or they can't find you online? Have you noticed that most top earners have a blog and considerable online presence? They write articles, create video content, blog, and are highly visible on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. They use mass marketing to get customers.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, once said that if your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business. Of course you can get customers by meeting with them one at a time. Interacting with your customers is key. But ignore the Internet and you will work harder with longer hours. Supplement your efforts by getting your message out to thousands online in less time than it takes to talk to one person at a time.

stand outThe most important purpose of marketing your business online is to establish your value. Potential customers want to get to know you. They will follow you if you provide valuable free information. How can you get customers? Establish your expertise and credibility.

If getting started online sounds daunting, I get it. But get started you must. Remember why you joined your company -- to create reliable long-term residual income and become financially free. You need LOTS of customers and business partners to achieve that goal. People will naturally gravitate to leaders who provide the most value. Showcase your talents and unique value!

How can I get customers? Stand out from the crowd. Let your inner celebrity shine. Model the best in the industry. In fact, I'd go so far as to suggest you learn HOW to build a business BEFORE you actually join a company! Take the first step: Get your free guide Attraction Marketers Manifesto now.

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