How To Eliminate Distractions

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How To Eliminate Distractions

Tenaya Lake summer 2009Have you noticed that being 'busy' is not getting you the results you want? That you can always find some busywork to distract you from the few critically important actions you want to avoid? After all, you started your business so that you can free your time to live a more fulfilling life. Not become a prisoner of endless unimportant tasks that take your attention away from your goals.

As an employee, your goal is to increase your value and free up time to fulfill personal dreams. For entrepreneurs, the goal is to decrease the amount of work while increasing revenue. Time is our most precious asset. Learn how to eliminate distractions, use found time productively and create a meaningful life.

In The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss devotes an entire chapter on eliminating distractions. For starters, "identify the few critical tasks that contribute most to income and schedule them with very short and clear deadlines."

1. Get clear on whether you are being productive or just active, avoiding the important. Decide the one thing that if you accomplish it today, you will be satisfied with your day.

2. Spend less time with friends who poison you with pessimism and low expectations of themselves. Spend more time with positive friends to have the life you want.

3. Cultivate the low-information diet. For one week do a media-fast cold turkey: no newspapers, no magazines, no television, no books except for [Think And Grow Rich and The 4-Hour Work Week] and an hour of fiction at night; and no web surfing.

4. Schedule interruptions. Each night before you go to sleep, write a short list of 2-3 important tasks for the next day. Finish an important action before distracting yourself with email. Check email only twice a day (this is critical). Turn off the phone until you complete a task; screen and avoid unwanted calls and establish do-not-disturb hours. Get comfortable with saying 'no,' eliminating those things that waste time.

family timeThese a just a few tips for reclaiming more time to focus on truly important actions that take you closer to your goals. You only get one life so stop wasting time. Set the rules in your favor. Get serious about creating the meaningful life you deserve.

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