How To Position Yourself As An Expert

How To Position Yourself As An Expert

As network marketers we all want to attract quality people into our organizations. But how? In order to position yourself as an expert or leader there are two essential skills you’ll need to master:

1. Provide solutions in a newsletter or through a product
2. Become a strong leader who teaches and inspires others

There are only two reasons people partner with you in business — (a) they perceive you as a person who can guide them toward their goal, and (b) your system(s) not only get results, but they’re comfortable using the system with their team.

Why People Don’t Join You

The main reason you may struggle with sponsoring is because others don’t perceive you as a leader. Teaching prospects “how” will always be more productive than selling facts and figures.

How many times have you been approached at networking events by network marketers who talk nonstop about their product features and benefits — before establishing rapport, asking questions and building a relationship? You’ve just met this talking head who actually repels you! Don’t be that person.

Become A Professional

Your job is to establish yourself as a leader, and have systems in place that even someone with no experience can be successful with.

When people request information about your products or opportunity, send them testimonials that position you as a leader, and valuable information on how to be a successful home business owner.

Teach. Educate. Give. Position yourself as a leader and an expert!

Don’t try to sell someone on your business during the first meeting. Establish your qualifications first, and the value you offer. Share your knowledge freely.

Invest In Your Education

Become more valuable to others by investing in your education. Start today by getting your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring. Your outlook and approach towards this industry will never be the same. I can confidently say that you’ll find at least one idea on each page that can transform your career in network marketing.

Learn. Implement. Teach others.

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