How To Sell More Naturally

How To Sell More Naturally

paint a picture with wordsIf you are new to online sales and marketing, there’s a good chance that you are struggling to make sales. Many people hate the thought of becoming a ‘salesman’ at first. It can feel sooooo unnatural. It takes skill to communicate effectively with potential customers. So how can you sell more naturally?

You Need A System To Create Copy

Using the Internet as a tool with connect with potential customers doesn’t mean you can ignore good salesmanship. You can makes sales naturally using direct mail, video, email marketing, websites and blog posts. But whatever medium you choose, you need a system to create good ads and sales letters. A master copywriter can write one well-written email and make thousands of dollars in one day!

Hmmm… let’s start over. I just got off the phone with Nick J regarding Coffee Shop Millionaire. I was very impressed with his professionalism, and with the sales funnel that led to our conversation. The entire process from capture page to sales page to follow-up phone call was a perfect demonstration of how to sell more naturally. (It all started with good copywriting.)

Even though I didn’t buy today, it was a good experience. There may be other products I will purchase later on.

There’s a good reason copywriting is so important…

Traffic + Conversions = Sales. Here’s a tip from Matt Lloyd (My Online Business Empire) — Start with the conversions part of the equation FIRST. It does no good to drive visitors to a capture page that fails to get contact information. Neither does it matter how much traffic you drive to a sales page that doesn’t convert visitors into new customers. (That’s where good copywriting comes into play.)

When done right, your online capture pages and sales letters do the heavy lifting for you. 24 hours a day/7 days a week. In other words, they pre-sell your interested visitors. When someone decides to make a purchase, they immediately qualify as a hot prospect for related products that you sell. When you follow up on the phone, the conversation flows naturally, easily. Say goodbye to cold calls forever.

Combine good copywriting and marketing with solid telephone followup skills to maximize sales.

Phone skills can make or break your business. Successful online campaigns ultimately lead to a phone call from a representative of the company. Often someone will call after you opt-in for a free eBook or webinar. Other times you’ll receive a call only after you make a purchase. Now you become a prospect for higher-priced products requiring more commitment. It could be a monthly subscription or coaching program. Or a limited time offer for more expensive products.

Imagine that You are the company rep making the call… Are you ready?

Your phone skills will determine whether your customers want to hear from you in the future and buy from you. Offer value in all your communications. Allow customers to get to know, like and trust you. Your initial phone call creates a powerful first impression with your new customer. Be prepared and do your best. You don’t want to end up on your customer’s Do-Not-Call list!

If you want to sell more naturally, combine good copywriting and marketing with strong phone skills. Communicate like a pro and you cannot fail to TRANSFORM your bank account in a big way. Invest the time to learn valuable skills now. It will save you time, money, work, discomfort and worry in the long run, and increase your confidence (and income) tenfold.

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