International Day of Peace and More Good News…

International Day of Peace and More Good News...

World peace

Did you know that today is the United Nations International Day of Peace? We all have had our fill of bad news around the world. Today, and every day, we can consciously pause, choose to filter out the BAD news, and pay attention only to the GOOD news.

The universe wants us to pay attention to what we focus on. Do you allow the constant bombardment of negative news and images to dominate your consciousness? Or do you intentionally seek out the good with humility and a grateful heart? With intention, you can see the good things you didn't notice before.

It's time for each of us to set our Self free of limiting beliefs and habits.

Become more conscious of life choices. Deep down you actually DO know what do to even if you don’t much want to do it. See how you got where you are today. See where you want to go next. You really do have a choice about how to proceed.
~~Anne Ortelee

Here's more good news...

On September 21, 2012, a new U.S. company offers unprecedented value, illumination and a breakthrough around how you connect with others. But only if you can SEE the good that's happening right before your eyes.

Are you ready to discover a company which offers a new standard for how we do business in the United States? It forever changes the way we see our smartphones. Are they phones or business centers? Can you earn money with your phone? Can you eliminate your phone bill entirely with your current provider?

This company will challenge the old way of doing business and usher in a new era of social commerce.

Despite all the bad news you hear, innovation and revolution produce POSITIVE change if only you can HEAR it through all the noise.

I was one of the lucky ones with an inside track. Back in July, one of the founding members contacted me. The timing wasn't right for me, so I didn't take a look at the company until August 10th. Ever want to kick yourself? I saw the vision immediately and KNOW this is going to change the marketplace big time. I feel privileged that I'm already using the brand new service that becomes available to the public tonight!

During the summer insiders like me were privy to the CEO's vision for the future of mobile services worldwide. You don't have to kick yourself if you missed it. Instead, join us tonight...

On September 21, the marketplace changes. And the good news is you are cordially invited to attend the launch party LIVE from Seattle via webcast and watch history in the making!

Schedule (Pacific time)
6:00 – 6:30 PM – Pre-Event Activities (9:00 PM Eastern)
6:30 – 8:00 PM – “We Are Solavei” Nationwide Launch Celebration
(9:30 PM Eastern)

Register now for your seat: >>>

Watch the live webcast tonight. We're giving you the best seat in the house, so I hope you will join us for an exciting and memorable event. Then let's talk again tomorrow if you'd like to learn more!

Cindy McMillanOn this day celebrating international peace and the launch of a revolutionary new company, remember to consciously CHOOSE whether you'll listen to the bad news in the world, or focus on the GOOD news happening right in front of you.

I wish you peace, love and happiness.

With gratitude,

Cindy McMillan
(702) 258-0798

P.S. Register here for tonight's LIVE webcast:

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