More Time for Elderly Parents and Kids

More Time for Elderly Parents and Kids:
Baby Boomers Feeling Squeezed

Contemplating changeMy generation is feeling squeezed. We’re caring for elderly parents and making time for teenagers and young grandchildren and nieces and nephews. We need more time.

A few days ago my sister called me from Maryland at 10:30 on a rainy Sunday night. She was finally getting some “me” time. She never missed her foster son’s sports events, and Sunday was no exception. That involved driving cross town to pick him up, attending the game, and of course driving him back home in the rain.

Our 80-year-old mother called to ask my sister to bring her some dinner. At a specific time. This request even though my wonderful nephew, his wife and 2-year-old daughter live with my mother. But he and his wife had plans, so they wouldn’t be home to get her dinner. Of course, my sister was with her foster son at his game. Since my mother wanted her meal at a certain time, my sister took him with her for the 30-mile drive to my mom’s house.

So she arrives at my mother’s house with her dinner, with E in tow. My nephew and his wife promptly ask her to watch their 2-year-old daughter while they go out. My sister graciously agrees. She’s caring for our 80-year-old mother, an adorable 2-year-old girl, and her teenage foster son is there too. (Wish I was there with you.)

My sister works 70-hour weeks at her state government job. Like many states around the country, the past 3 years brought salary reductions and required furlough days. She needs more time. Like many Baby Boomers, the clock is ticking on retirement and most need more money.

When my sister called at 10:30 that night and told me about her day, and that she finally had some “me” time, I just wanted to cry. When she is not at work, she drives 60 miles round trip to visit my mother, take her to her doctor’s appointments, her hair appointments and often take her meals. My nephew and his wife each have jobs, and are raising a young child. They need more time too.

I talk to my mother several times a week on the phone. But I live 2400 miles away. I intend a future when the income from my home business will allow me to fly back East more often. And spend more time with my mother. And help my sister. And play with my great-niece. And visit with the rest of my family. I intend to never worry about money again.

So many Americans from the Baby Boomer generation born between 1946-1955 and 1956-1964 (over 75 million people) are challenged by lack of time and under intense pressure to shore up their finances for retirement. Not enough time and money.

My generation needs more time to care for elderly parents. More time to enjoy nieces, nephews and grandchildren. More money to put away for retirement. More money to ENJOY retirement!

Those are just some of the reasons why I own a home business. I keep my mind active learning new skills and continually experience a sense of accomplishment. Additional income and time flexibility make working my business inspiring! My team and company provide a wealth of success training to fit my schedule. Taking responsibility for my future has never felt so good as it does now.

When I started my home business 17 months ago, I made a commitment to learn new skills. I struggled. In the beginning, you will struggle too. Until you get the gist of things. Would it be worth it, if you could release that time-sucking high stress 70-hours-a-week job? Only you can decide.

Lord, I hope my sister decides to join me one day and start a home business of her own. In her spare time.

Cindy McMillanMy team is standing by to welcome You to a new and exciting career in network marketing.

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