Network Marketing Success: Teach Others

speakerProvide value. The key to network marketing success is to teach others. All top earners in network marketing observe this law to become and remain successful. This is the great secret of all gurus. They give away free information. Business flocks to the one who’s established herself as an expert and proven that she knows what she’s doing by educating people first. Until you understand this, you’ll be one of the 95% of network marketers who fail. It took months to cement this concept into my brain.

“Don’t Market Products Or Opportunities. Market Information.”
Why? Because people are not interested in your opportunity, they are looking for someone to teach them how to build a network marketing business. People are absolutely starving for good high quality information.

If you are ever to be successful in marketing yourself on the Internet, teach others how to build a business BEFORE they actually join your business. People are looking for solutions. Give them no-nonsense business building advice. Show that you know what you’re doing and can teach them how to build a business.

Lead with business building info first. Market your knowledge and “how to” information. Want to know what top earners do? They teach…
– conduct seminars
– publish special reports
– start newsletters
– write articles
– speak at conferences
– post relevant content
– write books
– do interviews
– write more articles!

Successful network marketers give away free information. Offer the most value in the marketing message itself. Educate your readers, don’t sell them. Invest in your prospects first, before they ever commit to you. Your job in marketing is to give them information.

The more ‘reasons why’ you can give someone, the more educated they become about a subject, and the less they actually have to be sold. The more they understand how this business works, the more they appreciate what you have to offer them.

Give people valuable information that is highly useful to them, standing alone. Here’s a shocker: in The Renegade Network Marketer, industry giant Ann Sieg says “In fact, you don’t even want to mention your opportunity on your website. All this does is cause people to put up their guard.” She goes on further to say that you need your website to position you as an expert.

You want people trusting you as a resource first, before making a recommendation for your company. Trying to close someone too fast on the Big Sale [your MLM] is like asking someone to marry you on the first date. Build a relationship first.

“Don’t Sell Harder, Market Smarter!”
Offer your prospects something unique. Differentiate yourself or it will be impossible to attract people to you. The more unique you are, the more valuable you are – to everyone, and
– the more search engines with favor you
– the more your prospects and customers will be drawn to you
– the more opportunities will open up to you
– and later, the more other businesses will want to work with you

Remember, in your marketing online and in person, teach others and you’ll have a wildly successful business and lifetime customers. By providing good, high quality content, prospects can sell themselves. As they get to know, like and trust you, it will be much easier to take the next step to purchase products from you or work with you.

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
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