Organized Planning: The Sixth Step to Riches

Organized planWhy is network marketing so attractive to thousands of people in today’s economy? Job insecurity, disappearing retirement assets, declining benefits, and corporate hiring freezes are forcing many to consider network marketing for added income. Most will work part-time until their income replaces wages earned at a job. As a full-time entrepreneur, you can design a lifestyle that reflects YOUR values. Decide your monthly income, your schedule, where you live, and how many vacations you take. Once you create the vision, you’ll need a definite, practical plan to bring your vision from the abstract to the concrete.

Form A Clear Vision
In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill describes organized planning as the crystallization of desire into action. Begin by writing down your lifestyle vision in detail. For example, where will you live–near the ocean, the mountains, or in the desert? In the city or on a farm? Will you travel abroad? How often? Then calculate the monthly dollar amount required for your choices.

As a business owner, you’ll need to form a vision for your business. Think about your philosphy and approach. Who is your target market? What are the market needs you plan to meet? How do you plan to reach your market?

Create A Plan
Next, set your marketing goals. How many leads must you generate (and convert) each month in order to reach your financial goal? What sales volume is needed to reach the next level in your primary company? How can you help team members reach their goals?

Now create your plan for each day on a spreadsheet. Fill in your marketing strategies and the days/times for each task. For example, tasks for social media marketing, writing blog posts, placing free ads and paid ads, participating in forums, submitting articles, etc. Block out time each day to call your leads. Set targets for recruiting in your primary business, and for generating affiliate income. Include time to mastermind with key teammates. When you’ve completed your spreadsheet, you’ll have a blueprint for daily action.

Take Action
To succeed in this industry, you must generate at least 25 leads per day. This is where the law of averages begins to work like magic in your favor. When you can generate 50 leads per day, and your teammates are duplicating you, you’ll likely earn $100,000+ annually.

Know your goals and then create a clear plan to achieve them. Begin with just one or two marketing strategies and focus on them until you can generate 20 leads per day. Call new leads within 45 minutes when possible (prospects join real people).

There are 5 areas critical to success that you must include in your blueprint:
(a) leadership development
(b) marketing
(c) exercise/physical fitness
(d) telephone time
(e) personal/family time (your WHY)

Business Owner, Motivator, Team Leader, and Team Player
In How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business, Toni Coleman Brown reminds us that “you will wear many hats.” You must become a fearless leader, learn to manage your emotions, build relationships, master recruiting and training, have high energy, and never give up.

Set goals and take action. Envision your WHY when performing your tasks, and your work will be even more rewarding. You will succeed with a plan that is practical and workable.

To your prosperity,

Cindy McMillan

© 2010

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