New Mexico On My Mind

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New Mexico On My Mind

Settled in 1610, New Mexico became America's 47th State on January 6, 1912.

New Mexico Photos
This photo of New Mexico is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Santa Fe, NM (above). My love affair with New Mexico, USA began in a bookstore in 2002. Two hardcover books on Santa Fe homes and Santa Fe style caught my eye and I bought them home. Since then I've visited my good friend Jamie in Rio Rancho three times. She's taken me on a few quick tours and shopping in Albuquerque, we made a quick day trip to Santa Fe, and drove to Clovis one day for business two weeks ago. I can't wait to go back for more. The breathtaking landscape, the people, culture, history, clean air and endless vistas can only be described as The Land of Enchantment.

Albuquerque view

Albuquerque, NM (left). Events behind the scenes have conspired to make travel and vacations more affordable. Last month I learned about an invitation only VIP travel and vacation club -- and joined.
I can't believe my good fortune. With friends and family in Maryland, Georgia, South Carolina, California, Washington and New Mexico for starters, it was too costly to visit more often. Plus I want to see more of Nevada, my home state for 15 years. One of my dream trips is an Alaskan cruise and tour -- with my membership now I can make all that a reality!

Photos of Lincoln National Forest, Ruidoso
This photo of Lincoln National Forest is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Ruidoso, NM (above). I know many of you dream of taking time away from your daily routine for a real vacation, with people you love. Or just having fun with fellow freedom-loving travelers at the best resorts. That could be too expensive for some, but it doesn't have to be anymore. Supposed you had access to travel discounts and VIP treatment for members only, would you want to know about it?

New Mexico Photos
This photo of New Mexico is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Abiquiu, NM (above). Sometimes you don't know what's missing in your life until it's within your reach. There are 50 states and countless international destinations just waiting for you to explore. The biggest obstacles for many people is affordability. Now there's a solution. Ask me how YOU can vacation sooner, without breaking the bank!

Cindy McMillanYour feelings about work change dramatically when you're building a business that can touch the lives of thousands for the better. It's time to make a change, and create memories to last a lifetime!

Cindy McMillan

P.S. If you travel for work or leisure, you should consider the benefits of our travel club membership. We do masterminds all over the world with our customers and teammates!

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Remember The Instant You Decided

Remember The Instant You Decided

The instant you decided

Do you remember the day you started your home business and why? Maybe you need a gentle reminder (or a major kick in the butt). Take your memory back to the instant you decided. See the details of your physical surroundings, go deep -- the colors, sounds, other people, the view -- as well as your frame of mind.

You may have been at home, at a coffee shop, or perhaps someone else's home. Did you decide over the phone talking to a fellow home business owner? More importantly, how did you FEEL when you decided? Were you excited, relieved, anxious, hopeful, fearful, confident, maybe even desperate? What were the circumstances in your life when you made your decision?

Imagine back to that day. Was it a well-research decision or merely impulsive?

Now fast forward to today. Do you believe you made a good decision and are you closer to your goals? Is your commitment to yourself and your business more solid now than when you started? Are you surprised at how much work is required to succeed?

When you feel yourself backsliding into apathy or doubt, or shortchanging your resolve and commitment, go back to that day and the instant you decided.

Persevere, master your skills, become a professional.

Your life changed the instant you decided. Remember that. You have the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. It's time to start making your dreams become reality!

Rediscover the 7 required skills ALL home business owners need to master. Click on the image to learn more.

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How Can I Get Customers?

How Can I Get Customers?

we're open! The number one question I get from network marketers is "How can I get customers?" After all, that's why you joined your network marketing company or created your service or product. The short answer is you need massive exposure (the good kind). You want to get customers? Give people a reason to buy from you.

Position Yourself By Standing Out
Obviously you're not the only one selling your product or service and you are competing with other reps in your network marketing company. How can you get customers if no one's ever heard of you? Or they can't find you online? Have you noticed that most top earners have a blog and considerable online presence? They write articles, create video content, blog, and are highly visible on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. They use mass marketing to get customers.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, once said that if your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business. Of course you can get customers by meeting with them one at a time. Interacting with your customers is key. But ignore the Internet and you will work harder with longer hours. Supplement your efforts by getting your message out to thousands online in less time than it takes to talk to one person at a time.

stand outThe most important purpose of marketing your business online is to establish your value. Potential customers want to get to know you. They will follow you if you provide valuable free information. How can you get customers? Establish your expertise and credibility.

If getting started online sounds daunting, I get it. But get started you must. Remember why you joined your company -- to create reliable long-term residual income and become financially free. You need LOTS of customers and business partners to achieve that goal. People will naturally gravitate to leaders who provide the most value. Showcase your talents and unique value!

How can I get customers? Stand out from the crowd. Let your inner celebrity shine. Model the best in the industry. In fact, I'd go so far as to suggest you learn HOW to build a business BEFORE you actually join a company! Take the first step: Get your free guide Attraction Marketers Manifesto now.

Cindy McMillanCall me if you need me!
Cindy McMillan, Henderson NV
(702) 258-0798

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What Is Residual Income?

What Is Residual Income?

Cactus garden December 2012If you are applying for a loan, residual income is the money left over after you've paid your mortgage and monthly expenses. In a business context, a more common definition is income received on a recurring basis for work done one time. For example, monthly rental income after buying a residential property, or commissions paid on recurring customer purchases. Residual income continues to come in even after your work is done. Think of royalties earned from writing a book or producing a music CD.

Residual income in business is based on sales of your product or service month after month (commissions). The more satisfied customers you have, the more residual income you earn. It's different from a regular wage based on the number of hours you work.

Residual Income Is Different From Earned Income

If you have a job and earn a salary, you stop receiving income when you stop working. You can earn more money by assuming increased responsibilities in a higher paying job or working longer hours. In both cases your income is determined by your company or boss.

Initially you need to work harder and longer hours to earn residual income, and your results could take 12-24 months (or longer) to materialize. Think of struggling actors, musicians, artists and home business owners. Once you get that coveted role, or lucky break, get discovered or finally break through in your business, the residual income rewards continue to come in even after you complete a project or close the sale. Your potential income is based on your skill, consistency, determination and hard work.

In home business, your job is to identify your ideal customer and give them what they want. Your residual income increases as your paid customer base increases. By investing time in building relationships and educating your prospects BEFORE they buy, you can attract lifetime customers.

Ways To Earn Residual Income

Residual income rocks!Writing books and information products, rental income, network marketing sales, Internet advertising and affiliate marketing are some ways to earn residual income. Creating profitable online marketing takes commitment, money and time. However, once your income-generating websites are established, you can generate plenty of residual income. Rental property can also generate residual income. Interest and dividends earned on savings and investment portfolios are another source of residual income.

Residual Money Builds Over Time

There is a LOT of work involved in earning residual income. Don't be fooled, there is no such thing as easy money. Whether it's writing a book, buying rental property, or starting a home business, your work never stops. You must constantly maintain, improve and build upon your success. Because you are the boss AND the employee, working from home requires even more discipline than working for wages.

For a successful home business, find a product or service your customers value and will pay for month after month, year after year. Network marketers know that customer attrition can adversely affect their residual income. For income stability, match the right product with the right customer for long-term business growth. Build strong relationships, a strong brand (You) and customer loyalty will reward you with consistent residual income.

Increase Residual Income With Teamwork

There is good news with the network marketing residual income model. It's a team business. Even though your success ultimately depends on you, you can increase residual income by finding like-minded people to join your team. Why? Because you will also earn residual income from THEIR efforts. As your team's sales volume increases, your residual income will also increase. In any home business endeavor, be sure to understand how you are compensated. Take your personal style and preferences into account when choosing a team and product to promote.

For reliable, long term, consistent residual income in your home business, learn good business practices. Develop strong sales and marketing skills. Supplement personal efforts by using effective online marketing systems to generate leads, follow up with potential customers and close sales.

Cindy McMillan, Founder
(702) 258-0798

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Your Success Depends On You

Your Success Depends On You

Success depends on youIf you are new to home business or network marketing, one thing is certain. Your success depends on You. Not your sponsor and not your company. The responsibility for your success rests squarely on your shoulders.

Here's an example. You join a network marketing company and enthusiastically try to sign up everyone you know. One person signs up and then you hit a wall. You try to encourage your 1-person team with tips on social media, Internet marketing and what to say to prospects. She sees your team isn't growing and decides not to follow your advice. That's okay. You know that your success depends on You. The same is true for your teammate.

It doesn't matter whether your sponsor is a completely new to home business or a network marketing recruiting superstar. Your success depends on You. Learn as much as you can from your sponsor, yes. But your success depends on your effort -- no matter how successful your sponsor. Some of your teammates won't listen to you. Your job is to make sure they have all the information they need to succeed and be there for them with encouragement and advice. Each individual makes their own choices based on their circumstances and resources. Naturally some members will generate more sales than others. That is to be expected.

successful marketingJust keep going. You've set a goal. Reaching that goal depends on You. Your productivity, your skills, and your time. If what you're doing is not producing results find out why and then change what you're doing. Understand that not everyone is interested in what you have to offer. Focus your efforts on your ideal customer. Narrow your niche. Learn solid sales and marketing skills. No one will build your business for you. Your success depends on You.

No matter what home business you're building, remember it's not sharing that will make you profitable -- it's selling! The same best business practices that work for corporations apply to your home business. Your success depends on you learning solid sales and marketing principles.

There is a lot more to network marketing than meets the eye. The concept is simple but NOT easy. You need a system to sort through potential customers to find high quality leads. So you can spend your time only with people who are interested in what you have to offer. And to stay in business, you must also generate income for your efforts.

But first, let's dispel some of the myths about network marketing. Download this free 35-page report. In it you'll learn the 7 great lies about network marketing. Your next step depends on You.

Click here for your free 35-page Report

Cindy McMillanIt's time for goal-setting. Educate yourself so you can be more productive and get the results you want. Home business is a lot more FUN when you have dependable income for your family!

Have a wonderful Christmas,

Cindy McMillan

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Gratitude Day

Gratitude Day

Thanksgiving meal

I'm filled with gratitude pretty much every day. But today is special. As I write to you now from my home office, the delicious aroma of turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans emanates from the kitchen warmly announcing dinner in a few hours. I love the smell of turkey in the oven. An American tradition on Thanksgiving Day.

I confess I don't much like to cook -- too messy. My favorite way to prepare meals is the all-in-one-pot slow cooker. And I really love creating new salad combinations from the many fresh ingredients at the Whole Foods Market salad bar. So grateful for the bounty of food available at local grocery stores. I hope that everyone will have a hot nutritious meal today, surrounded by angels and good cheer. Gratitude will transform your life.

Consider the people and things you take for granted, list them one by one, and surround all with Gratitude. Be grateful for lessons learned. Be grateful for delays, disappointments, and endings. All circumstances in life are part of the process taking you closer to your dreams. Cultivate Gratitude and give thanks continuously.

Gratitude transformsGratitude is a big deal. Especially if you are self employed. Think of all the people and circumstances that got you where you are today. Feel that profound Gratitude! You cannot long keep from dissatisfaction with the way things are without Gratitude. The grateful mind is constantly fixed on the best, and will receive the best. Gratitude will bring you into harmony with the good in everything.

Make it a practice to acknowledge Gratitude for your friends, your family, your customers and business associates. I'm especially grateful to live in a country where I can choose home business, and to work doing something I love. There's just no comparison to working for somebody else for wages. Your feelings about work change dramatically when you're building a business that can touch the lives of thousands for the better.

Cindy McMillanThink of all the people who have contributed to your success, and include them in your Gratitude. More good people will be drawn into your life.

With sincere Gratitude,

Cindy McMillan

P.S. In his classic book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles devotes an entire chapter to Gratitude. To learn more click here Science of Getting Rich - Network Marketing Edition

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High Failure Rate For Home Based Businesses

High Failure Rate For Home Based Businesses

City view trail headThousands of people start home based businesses every day. Ninety-eight percent of them will fail. What are underlying reasons for the high failure rate for home based businesses? Despite dismal results, misleading advertising is still prevalent. Blatantly overblown income claims fuel skepticism. Unrealistic expectations turn to disappointment and lead to buyer's remorse. Without preparation and the proper mindset, the high failure rate for home based businesses will continue to persist.

New business builders in network marketing don't just buy products or services. What they REALLY buy is the dream of a better lifestyle. They want to work when and where they choose, they want to escape the rat race, and they are motivated by the high income potential offered by the industry.

Home officeFive Reasons Home Businesses Fail
Why such a high failure rate for home based businesses? Here are some reasons:

  • Lack of skills
  • Poor marketing
  • Insufficient funds
  • Lack of commitment
  • Lack of successful mentors

Develop New Skills
Home business newbies don't realize how much time, energy and hard work are needed to succeed. The decision to start a home business or join a network marketing company is a CAREER decision. You have to work on your business skills just like you do at a traditional 9-to-5 job.

Master yourself through self development. Devour books and audios that motivate, inspire and transform. Dive into mastering marketing and promotion. Develop or adopt a proven marketing system. Fund your business with high quality information products. Create your own products. Learn how to generate leads and convert them to satisfied customers. Apply what you learn with massive action.

UpsetPoor Marketing
Don't believe that you can build a business strictly by word of mouth. Without good marketing for your brand, products and services, you will fail. Learning how to promote your businesses effectively will not happen overnight. Combine effective online marketing with offline marketing and networking. Just like any career, you must become a student of marketing and constantly improve your skills. Start with a proven marketing system.

You Need Money To Run Your Business
Lack of capital is the #1 reason for the high failure rate for home based businesses. Most people start part-time, while working a job. You'll need basic tools for your business, like a website, email marketing service, domain names, web hosting, training courses and lead generation systems. Plus business cards, marketing tools like CD's, brochures, postcards, flyers, and other promotional materials.

How do top earners generate cashflow for business expenses? Remember, most visitors to your website already have a home business. But they are starving for good content on how to become profitable. Be sure to offer high quality information products at a great price. You must generate income even if your customers don't buy products from your network marketing company. Use 10 percent of your income (or more) to fund paid marketing campaigns. If you cannot generate enough income to cover the cost of your expenses, you will go broke fast.

Home Business Requires Commitment
Are you looking to get-rich-quick? Then home business is NOT for you. No matter what industry, all reputable businesses require long term commitment and goals. This is where personal development makes all the difference. Along your journey you may encounter self doubt and disappointment. You literally have to re-program yourself to succeed. Persistence, determination, organized planning, self confidence, resourcefulness, faith and massive action are required attributes for success. Build your credibility and expertise and you will attract customers almost effortlessly.

The top successful 2% have studied and applied new skills in effective marketing and sales. They are self-motivated. Personal development and mindset are top priorities. It takes years of persistence and focused action to become a successful self-employed business owner.

Model successful peopleModel Successful People
If you want to learn how to succeed in network marketing or any home business, model successful professionals. The list is too long to mention here. Start with Mike Dillard's free video series from Magnetic Sponsoring or Ann Sieg's free eBook The 7 Greatest Lies of Network Marketing. Get a feel for the industry. I can recommend several other outstanding professionals and training systems.

One of the benefits of joining training systems such as Magnetic Sponsoring is the community of like-minded individuals. A sense of belonging. Learning from the collective mastermind. You'll be amazed. Interact with others just like you who believe in their dream of a better life. Many are living their dream now. You will form lifelong friendships and partnerships.

No doubt the high failure rate for home based businesses will persist until prospects accept the reality that you have to WORK in order to achieve that dream lifestyle you deserve! Increase your believability by being honest with potential team members. Tell them what to expect and help them set attainable goals. Be available to help them through the process.

This business is 90 percent mindset and 10 percent execution. You have to believe in yourself or you don't have a chance. Avoid failure. Start with basic training now.

Cindy McMillan

Our team is ready to help you get started. Watch your free video series and DECIDE if you have what it takes to succeed. Provide your name and best email on the form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

To Your Success,

Cindy McMillan, Founder

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Audio: “Enjoying The Great Outdoors”

Augusta KS
Audio recording blog post Oct 30 2012... Click here to listen

Thanks for listening to my first audio recording. The entrepreneurial spirit is healthy and strong in 2012. Join the movement and live the life you deserve!

Have a fun and happy Halloween,

Cindy McMillan
(702) 258-0798

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Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Enjoying The Great Outdoors

Feel the great outdoors

Wish you had more time and money to enjoy the great outdoors? Do you love hiking, cycling, kayaking, camping, sailing, golf, running, skiing or surfing? Or just packing up an RV for fun family vacations? I love hiking here in southern Nevada. And there are many places on my wish list to visit. The open road and national parks beckon to me every day. My plan is to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors, traveling and experiencing this wonderful country with my closest friends and family. Owning a home business -- wherever I go -- is the perfect solution.

Travel and enjoying the great outdoors takes time and money. Wouldn't it be great to earn income while you travel? Imagine having a sustainable portable business where you can work and live where you want. (Not tied to an office or cubicle in a job you hate.) People like you and me are doing that every day.

Tenaya Lake summer 2009Is Portable Business For You?
Most people are skeptical about home business and working when and where you want. You've seen the hyped-up ads shouting "make $12,000 your first month!" or "homeless man earns $24,698 in one week!" No reasonable person would believe these ridiculous claims. What you don't hear about is how many years of hard work and thousands of dollars successful top earners spend on training, marketing, books, coaching and live events.

Manage your expectations. If you're brand new to home business and using the internet to attract customers, brace yourself. And don't quit your day job. Part-time it could take up to 2 years before you start to turn a profit. Doctors don't become doctors overnight. And neither do successful sales and marketing professionals. My team has both experienced marketers and complete newbies. It is tough for people with no experience and no network to watch others rack up big sales numbers while they struggle to make their FIRST sale. Most people give up and say that it's a scam. That's because they were given false expectations from the start.

Riding the wave!Working part-time, my home business took more than 23 months to generate steady income, but the time and money spent learning new skills was worth it! Today I can provide a lead generation system that brings only the most qualified people into your group. Then we'll train them for free, with conference calls 7 nights a week, to help you build your business.

Would you like to work from home, or the beach or your favorite coffee shop? Live where you want to live? Spend more time enjoying the great outdoors? With persistence and determination, you CAN earn money while you're having fun. You only get one life. Does your life inspire you or is it time to make a change?

Ingredients For A Profitable Portable Business
What to look for when evaluating a home business opportunity:

  • A sponsor you know, like and trust who offers value
  • Products that make a real difference in the lives of your people
  • ... and products customers will buy with no comp plan
  • A successful team with a proven marketing system
  • Mentoring, training, mentoring, and more training!

Commit to doing the work to build a successful business and teach others how to do the same. Sounds simple, but it's not easy. If it were easy, everybody would have a home business!

Hiking in Clark County, NevadaWhatever your passion, do you need more time and money? Sift through the clutter in your mind and focus in on what's important in your life. No matter what your goals for enjoying the Great Outdoors -- you'll need reliable, consistent income to make your dreams come true.

Be practical and realistic, but don't limit your potential.

Happy trails!

Cindy McMillan
Fellow Home Business Builder
(702) 258-0798

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Cell bill robbing your wallet like a leaky faucet? Here's how to realize instant savings on your monthly service.