7 Essential Tools For Online Business

7 Essential Tools For Online Business

Taking notesAs home and online business explodes in the new economy, you may wonder what tools are absolutely essential and how much does it cost? Here are 7 tools you need for generating income online.

1. Websites – Decide what primary company you want to partner with. For example, a network marketing company will have replicated websites and capture pages (opt-ins) to promote. Affiliate programs will have prebuilt and customizable sales and capture pages. Choose a company for long-term residual income and find out the monthly expenses associated with membership.

Your network marketing company may charge a processing fee for your websites; for example $9.95/month. Some affiliate programs are completely free to join. Other partners require that you purchase at least one product. Effective websites are essential for every online business.

2. Autoresponder – Every business — including home business, small business, big business, and network marketing — must have a list of contacts. No list equals no sales. The purpose of your capture pages is to get your potential customer’s contact information. This allows you to build long-term relationships by calling your leads, through email marketing, advertisements, postcards, videos and blogging. You can buy an autoresponder from GetResponse starting at $9.95 a month. Many marketers prefer Aweber starting at $19.99 a month. Whatever option you choose, an autoresponder is absolutely essential to the success of your online business.

3. Personal Blog – Your blog is your personal real estate on the Internet where visitors can find out more about you and get valuable content. It serves as your central hub, connecting you with visitors through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Register domain names at GoDaddy for $3.99-$12.99 each (billed annually). HostGator offers unlimited web hosting starting at $3.96 a month, billed annually. This is where you brand yourself, provide value and stand out from the pack.

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4. Marketing System – Sales and marketing drives the success of every business–whether it’s home business, small business or big business. You need systems to market your products and services automatically.

Better Web Builder is completely generic and free. It includes an auto- responder and blogging feature. Members get free basic training every Saturday and Tuesday, including live Twitter training.

For comprehensive, in-depth training, MyLeadSystem PRO is an excellent marketing system @ $49.97 a month. Members learn all methods of marketing both online and offline. Training includes video marketing, article marketing, prebuilt campaigns, SEO, attraction marketing, content syndication, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, Craigslist advertising, Facebook and Twitter training, branding, affiliate marketing and more. Annual live events.

Two of the best educational marketing systems in the home business industry today are Magnetic Sponsoring and The Renegade Network Marketer. With educational marketing you can profit even if your customers do not join your primary network marketing company. Your prospects pay You to become your leads! Both provide expert training on how to market online, email marketing, and how to integrate social media into your marketing strategy.

Your marketing system is what many of your potential customers are looking for. Sell your marketing system and teach others how to profit online. You’ll have loyal customers for life.

5. Content Syndication – Drive more traffic to your content with TribePRO and Onlywire. With the touch of a button, your content is syndicated to all the social media sites you choose. Think even bigger: with a tribe of hundreds of people sharing your content, your content will consistently rank high on the search engines. You can join both services for free.

6. CEO Mindset – Your mindset is the important tool of all. You’re not in Employeeland any more. As a businessperson you will face many challenges. Your greatest resource is your own inner voice, intuition and instinct. Control your focus, your thoughts and your emotions in order to succeed. Invest your time and money on books and courses to learn business skills. Listen to success audios daily. Study successful people. Read and write daily. If you cannot control your thoughts and emotions, you will fail. Persist until you succeed.

7. Cash Flow For Your Business
Network marketing distributors typically have a minimum purchase each month ranging from $50-$150. It’s imperative as a business owner that you generate enough cash to cover your expenses and reinvest in marketing. Industry leaders agree that you must offer potential customers value on the front end — and generate cash to run your primary business.

Your highest quality leads will be people who opt-in for your offers and purchase generic free, low- and medium-cost products from you.

There are costs associated with ANY business. Take some time to plan how you will fund your business. Factor in affiliate marketing commissions and creating products your customers will love. Help others to get what THEY want and you will always have an endless stream of satisfied customers.

Cindy McMillan
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Own More Silver and Gold Money

Own More Silver and Gold Money

Don’t put it off any longer. Preserve and protect your wealth with silver and gold money. The wealthy already know this. If you have no precious metals in your portfolio, start buying silver and gold money now.

A growing number of analysts like Chris Martenson, Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Maloney, James Turk and Turd Ferguson, to name just a few, agree about the need for personal exposure to precious metals and specifically, silver and gold. The global economy is like a smoldering volcano poised to explode under the weight of excessive debt amassed over the past several decades. Many are predicting the collapse of current monetary regimes.

Gold and silver offer the best prospect for preserving wealth through the coming devaluation of currencies. That’s why I collect silver numismatic coins and started a home business.

Numismatic coins are not the same as silver or gold bullion. Their value is not as volatile as the spot price of precious metals. That’s because in addition to the precious metal content and monetary face value, numismatic coins also command a “collectibles” premium based on supply and demand.

Increased demand for gold and silver combined with a depressed real estate market, high unemployment and economic uncertainty has created a booming market for home business. Numis Network is strongly positioned right smack in the middle of these trends.

There is no better time than now to start collecting silver and gold numismatic coins. This is also the perfect time to start a home business and create additional income. Whatever you decide, the economy is evolving into something most have never seen in their lifetime. Protect your wealth. Increase your exposure to precious metals now.

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

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Live Twitter Training Every Tuesday

Home officeJust a quick post to tell you about Better Web Builder’s free live Twitter training with Juanita Waterman every Tuesday at 10:00 PM Eastern time. You’ll learn something new every week and discover why Twitter is such a powerful tool for promoting your business online when used correctly.

Get your free online marketing system from Better Web Builder here. Then take advantage of free live Twitter training every Tuesday at 10:00 PM Eastern!

Wishing you a productive and joyful November,

Cindy McMillan
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Change Is Inevitable. Embrace It!

Change Is Inevitable. Embrace It!

No one can stop the wheels of change. Change is inevitable and you can either fear change, or embrace it! Which do you choose?

One year ago today I partnered with an innovative company called Numis Network. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now, as I celebrate my first anniversary, I’m selling my home in Nevada and starting yet another chapter of my life!

So glad my home business gives me the mobility to live where I want, and not be tied to one place because of a regular job. I’ve always loved the American Southwest and dreamed of living in beautiful New Mexico. As I write this post, I’m moving one step closer each day to make that dream come true.

Somehow when you embrace change, your daily tasks become easier. You’re happy to do “grunt work” when you keep your vision in front of you. That’s how I feel about packing right now. Moving is usually pretty stressful. But it’s a lot easier if you’re looking forward to the change!

I’ve learned a ton of information about home business, Internet marketing, building relationships, the network marketing industry and social media this past year. I’ll be honest, even with many successes this year, like many newbies I spent more than I earned on needed tools and education. Sound familiar? Building a successful business requires skill in many areas, especially marketing and sales. Be realistic about your goals and adjust your timetable to allow for mastering business skills online and offline. Your first year is tough but well worth the time and effort. I can only smile at what I will accomplish in the next 12 months!

If you experience frustration building your home business, don’t give up. It’s part of the process. Stick with it, continue your education until you find what works for you. Set realistic goals and be patient with yourself. Without a doubt, the most important task is funding your business by selling products your customers are searching for.

Thank you for visiting my blog. My impending move is taking a lot of my attention the next 30 days or so. I love change and couldn’t be happier. Especially now that I have a home business that will grow right along with me.

Can’t wait to go hiking in New Mexico!

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
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A Home Business With No Credibility?

A Home Business With No Credibility

planningHave you just started a home business only to find that nobody listens to you because you have no credibility? Let’s face it, who would buy from you when you’re completely unknown, with no list of accomplish- ments to command respect and gain credibility with your prospects? Ouch.

Do people who have an interest in your type of product or service seek you out because of your prominence and ability to help them? I think we both can agree that someone who is a recognized expert is going to get a lot more business — and is going to get it a lot easier — than someone who isn’t.

  • Imagine you’re a well-known, recognized authority on building a home-based business…
  • You’re a best-selling author and are highly sought after for public speaking engagements…
  • You have a regular column in a popular home-based business magazine and you’re frequently interviewed by radio show hosts, industry publications and popular website owners.

Do you think people might take you a little more seriously then?

I know what you’re thinking.. “Well that’s fine for some people, but I’m no expert!” Okay, fair enough.

But what if someone could teach you how to position yourself as an expert BEFORE you become successful? What if you could learn from a wildly successful home business expert how to command respect and gain credibility RIGHT NOW — no matter how new you are or how long you’ve been at it? There are lots of ways to do this WITHOUT putting years of experience under your belt.

My main objective is to give you the stuff your company and upline are not.

In her 143-page manual, The Renegade Network Marketer, master marketer Ann Sieg reveals every method of self-promotion she used to go from being a “nobody” and struggling with debt…

To making over $25,000 a month with her business – in less than six months!

What’s ironic is that marketing systems just like this or similar to this are really nothing new and are used all the time by businesses in the “real world” who know how to promote their products and services. The reason this system is so effective is because it’s tapping into something that already works.

Most network marketers, 97% to be exact, run out of money before they ever really get started. I know because I was one of the 97 percent. I did not succeed at generating income even when my customers didn’t join my MLM company. All that’s changed. Now I help more people and generate my best leads with the Renegade Network Marketer. The best part — my prospects paid me! That really got my attention.

It all started with a free eBook filled with high quality content that can help anyone regardless of their current situation. Click here for instant access and tell me what you think. This system is so effective that I’ve recommended it to everyone in my network.

Whether your goal is to earn an extra $500, $1000 or $10,000 each month, you owe it to yourself to use the most cost-effective strategies available to put your business into profit. It’s absolutely critical to establish your credibility and position yourself as an expert. I believe the Renegade system can help you do just that.

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
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How To Generate Quality Leads With Information

How To Generate Quality Leads With Information

KivaWhat is the most effective way to generate quality leads for your MLM? Provide people with valuable step-by-step information on how to build a network marketing business. More people than ever before are choosing home-based business for the first time. They need solutions NOW. If you want quality leads for your business, become more valuable, ask questions to find out what THEY need and provide solutions. People are starving for high quality information. Are you positioned to help them?

Case Study
Earlier today I talked to a very excited, kind, hard-working man who has been in the network marketing industry for the past 5 years. He is not getting the results in his business that he deserves for all his precious time, effort and money. To make matters worse, his upline doesn’t have any answers. He knew he could not continue doing the same activities for the NEXT 5 years and get different results.

So he did what millions are doing today — searching the Internet to find a solution to his problem. He wants to crack the code and find the missing pieces so that he can earn more income and retire from his day job next spring. He purchased an eye-opening information product from me called the Renegade Network Marketer.

Why I am telling you this? Because I get to talk to quality people like this gentleman every day. He is taking the time to educate himself on how to succeed in network marketing. My job is to assist him with his questions, build a relationship, and give him support and training. If I provide value, he may buy other products in the future or even join my primary company.

Help Others
If you want to generate more leads, give potential prospects something THEY want. Most network marketers already have a company, but you can earn income even if they don’t join your business. Offer them quality information products on how to build a network marketing business. Offer them recruiting tools, online marketing systems, free training and support. Create valuable content with articles and videos. Become an expert to attract more people to you. Put yourself in a position where others seek your advice and can find you on the Internet. A person you attract by helping them find the solution THEY need is infinitely more qualified than any person you can chase after.

Expand Your Reach
Don’t limit yourself to your local area. With the Internet you can reach thousands of people who need what you have to offer. Make sure potential prospects can find you on the information highway. Create an online presence with your blog and social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Connect With Like-Minded People
My purpose with this blog is to provide resources for network marketers, connect with people with similar interests, share my experiences, and build a successful business. My advice to anyone starting a new venture is to be patient, stay committed and take daily action. But mostly, improve your skills so you can work smarter, not harder. Give others what THEY want, and you will get what You want.

Please share your comments and favorite ways to generate leads. For starters, I like blogging, email marketing, Facebook and Twitter, free training webinars and local networking. Let’s continue the conversation over here on Facebook!

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

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2011 Silver Libertad

2011 Silver Libertad

This 2011 numismatically perfect, mint state 70 Silver Libertad is one of the most beautifully designed coins in the entire world. Produced by the oldest mint in the Americas, dating back to the year 1536, this coin is one ounce of pure silver. Supplies are limited, so don’t delay! Numis Network makes it convenient and risk-free for Silver Coin of the Month Club members with its exclusive 5-year 100% buyback guarantee.

Click Now to Order Your 2011 Mexican Silver Libertad

Cindy McMillanIs this a great job or what! I love my home business and helping people collect assets that preserve wealth, especially in today’s uncertain economy.

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Are You Prepared For The Next Stock Market Crash?

Are You Prepared For The Next Stock Market Crash?Wall Street

Today on the U.S. stock exchange the Dow closed at 11,247 up 141 points or 1.27%, while gold inched lower to $1826.50 an ounce. The Dollar index slipped to 76.825 while the Euro rose slightly to 1.3756. Are you prepared if the stock market should crash next month or next year?

Unless you’re heavily invested in stocks, you may not pay much attention to these benchmarks. But millions of Americans have seen their retirement accounts decimated since the stock market crash in 2008 and wonder when they will ever be able to retire.

Take Back Your Power
That is why you and I started a home based business. To regain the financial security that is no longer guaranteed by an employer. Is your vision big enough to inspire you to move forward? Or is fear holding you back? This month many people looked back to remember events that caused a lot of pain and sadness. Like the World Trade Center attacks in New York City 10 years ago. This summer’s blockbuster “The Help” was #1 at the box office earlier this month, recalling a painful time in the American South in the 1960s.

Focus On What You Want
Would you intentionally cause yourself to be sad and hopeless playing reruns of awful memories over and over? Of course not. For many it happens automatically without any conscious thought. It’s almost comfortable to live in fear and despair because it’s unconscious. Wouldn’t it be better to consciously use your energy to take steps toward a positive future and financial security, so that you can weather the stormy economic climate and protect your loved ones?

You have the power to control your thoughts. You can choose to focus on your vision of empowerment, strong uplifting relationships, freedom and abundance. Create your new life! Look forward to the future and take action in the present.

Relationships Count
It seems almost counterintuitive, but the most important factor in network marketing profitability is not the products or the company, but your ability to establish and build Lasting Positive Relationships. Your success depends on it. Repair neglected relationships. Take an inventory of the value you can add to others. Make yourself a better person. Network. Someone recently said, “in today’s economy, you’re either networking or not working.” Realize how critically important your network is in preparing you for the next stock market crash.

Inspired Purpose
If you focus on improving yourself and your relationships, fear can no longer control you. With fear out of the way, you can create your vision and believe it’s possible. Imagine yourself in the life of your dreams and make your goals big enough to inspire you. When you are inspired, “work” becomes easier because you’re going with the flow not swimming against the current.

Make A Commitment
If you haven’t already started a home business to earn additional income, please make the decision to empower yourself now. Don’t wait for the next economic disaster to happen. Get started now with a team who can show you how to get the results that you deserve.

Cindy McMillanAsk me about our dynamic team, 24/7 training, daily support and proven marketing systems.

To Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
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MLM Review: eFoods Global

postcardsFound a great review of eFoods Global on a popular MLM blog. Funny how you get distracted only to discover a message about a good company that deserves to be shared. Well that just happened to me. I was going through my emails and noticed a message from MLMBlog.net with an April 2011 review of eFoods Global… Read the entire post here.

A few months ago I ordered FREE food reserves from eFoods Global. On the website you’ll discover information about having food reserves in your home. Just click on this link and you can try eFoods Global’s meals for free. I am NOT a distributor for this company, but the food was pretty tasty. You never know when disaster might strike, so I wanted to share this with You.

When you get to the eFoods Global site, click on TRY IT and take the tour. If you’re interested, you can collect 12 free servings of food — any 3 products of your choice — with absolutely no obligation. I give this company and its products a very positive review and recommendation.

I thought you might appreciate knowing about eFoods Global. Why not take advantage of the free offer and check it out for yourself?
Click Here To Order Your Free Food

Cindy McMillan In today’s chaotic world, we are constantly reminded of the important values of personal initiative, self- reliance, responsibility and compassion for others.

To Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
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5 Ways To Recover From Network Marketing Setbacks

Bounce backLet’s be honest. You’re gonna have setbacks in your network marketing business during the first year. Maybe you haven’t sponsored anyone in weeks. Or you haven’t called anyone on the phone in days. And your blog sucks. You attend all the webinars and trainings and corporate conference calls… listening on the sidelines while others make the leaderboards. Sound familiar?

It’s like being on a movie set but you’re behind the camera. Or sitting in the stands at the game. You can’t exactly hit a home run…or make a touchdown…or score a goal — from the stands. What do you do when you get into a slump? How can you recover from network marketing setbacks? Here are 5 ways to help you bounce back:

#1. Adjust Your Attitude. Dig deep into your mindset. You may need a reality check on your beliefs and self-talk. Take the temperature on your confidence level. You can’t lead your team to success when you’re not performing daily income-producing activities, or you neglect daily personal development. Cultivate gratitude for all the good things about your life. Re-commit to your vision. Ask if you would hire yourself as a sponsor. If the answer is no, work on the qualities you look for in a leader and become that person. Don’t be hard on yourself, remember that success is a process and doesn’t happen overnight.

Teamwork#2. Take The Focus Off You. Direct your energies toward your potential prospects and team. Instead of beating yourself up about non-performance, take productive steps toward your real goal — helping others. There are millions of people searching for solutions to achieve success in home-based business. They need your help no matter how you’re feeling. Find your strength by focusing on others.

#3. Reach out and call someone (preferably a fellow networker). Do Not phone someone who thinks network marketing is a joke. You’ll just end up feeling lonely and depressed, and that may include many of your friends and family members. When you’re in a slump the last thing you need is someone shouting at you to “go get a job!” Reach out to someone who’s building a business and getting results. It always helps me get back on track when I call on key mentor friends.

Aquarium#4. Step Back And Take A Break. Sometimes you get burned out. We’re only human, so take a break if you need to. Use downtime to revisit your marketing plan and spend time with loved ones who uplift you. Ride a bike, go hiking, play tennis or golf. Get crystal clear on what you want to accomplish and write it down. Watch the funniest movie you can find and laugh until it hurts! Regain your confidence and get ready to come back strong.

#5. Just Do It. Okay, so now you’ve adjusted your attitude, put your focus on others, reached out to mentors and rejuvenated your spirit. There’s only one thing left to do and it’s the most important: Get back to work. Hit your numbers just for today. And then tomorrow do it again. And then the next day, do it again. Find a way to make work fun AND profitable. Play your favorite music between phone calls and marketing tasks. (The best way to get out of a slump is to GET PAID.) Take good care of yourself, be grateful for the blessings in your life and then just do it.

You are one of the magnificent few who has the courage to strike out on your own and become an independent thinker. That alone (and your paycheck) should put a smile on your face. You WILL bounce back, never doubt it. We’re all cheering for you.

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