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2011 San Francisco Mint Silver Eagle

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Cindy McMillanIs this a great job or what! I love my home business and helping people collect assets that preserve wealth, especially in this uncertain economy.

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How To Position Yourself As An Expert

How To Position Yourself As An Expert

As network marketers we all want to attract quality people into our organizations. But how? In order to position yourself as an expert or leader there are two essential skills you’ll need to master:

1. Provide solutions in a newsletter or through a product
2. Become a strong leader who teaches and inspires others

There are only two reasons people partner with you in business — (a) they perceive you as a person who can guide them toward their goal, and (b) your system(s) not only get results, but they’re comfortable using the system with their team.

Why People Don’t Join You

The main reason you may struggle with sponsoring is because others don’t perceive you as a leader. Teaching prospects “how” will always be more productive than selling facts and figures.

How many times have you been approached at networking events by network marketers who talk nonstop about their product features and benefits — before establishing rapport, asking questions and building a relationship? You’ve just met this talking head who actually repels you! Don’t be that person.

Become A Professional

Your job is to establish yourself as a leader, and have systems in place that even someone with no experience can be successful with.

When people request information about your products or opportunity, send them testimonials that position you as a leader, and valuable information on how to be a successful home business owner.

Teach. Educate. Give. Position yourself as a leader and an expert!

Don’t try to sell someone on your business during the first meeting. Establish your qualifications first, and the value you offer. Share your knowledge freely.

Invest In Your Education

Become more valuable to others by investing in your education. Start today by getting your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring. Your outlook and approach towards this industry will never be the same. I can confidently say that you’ll find at least one idea on each page that can transform your career in network marketing.

Learn. Implement. Teach others.

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
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How Global Debt Affects You

How Global Debt Affects You
In this interview Claus Vogt, author of The Global Debt Trap, discusses how global debt affects you. While financially educated citizens can buy assets to preserve wealth, the poor will have no escape hatch.

What are your thoughts on global debt? Are you currently buying assets to preserve your wealth? If you find this interesting, please leave your comments and share!

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Diane Kennedy Talks Taxes At Numis Network Event

Special Announcement: Best-selling author and renowned tax specialist Diane Kennedy to appear at Numis Network’s annual convention August 5-6th in Tampa, Florida. Tax advantages of home based business is one of many reasons people choose Numis Network. This August new member and rising star Diane Kennedy teaches how YOU can benefit from tax-advantaged income with your Numis Network business.

You won’t want to miss this chance to learn important tax strategies from Diane Kennedy plus business building strategies with an exciting lineup of accomplished authors and speakers at this event. But hurry, time is running out and space is limited. Become a member and register for this life-changing event today!

Cindy McMillan

Don’t leave your financial future to chance. Decide now to attend Numis Network’s second annual convention in Tampa. This is one of the easiest business decisions you’ll ever make.

To Your Success,

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Luxury Brands More Immune To Economic Downturns

Recession-proofing a business means moving it to a different, more affluent group of customers. Let’s face it, whom would you rather depend on to support your business as your customer?

During economic downturns those in the middle are most affected. They tend to be living at their means or above their means, yet spending only about 60% of their money on necessities. In recession, they stop spending the other 40%. So merchants selling to them get whacked with a 40% drop in sales.

But the richest 1% of our population controls more wealth than the bottom 90%. The richest 20% account for more than 60% of the consumption. Consumer spending is being done by those unaffected by rising gas and oil prices, inflation, the housing slump, and so on. It doesn’t matter to them. The big rise in utility bills had zero impact on affluent consumers’ contributions to the economy.

Despite inflation, sales of big yachts, custom-made shoes, designer wristwatches and silverware all increased. Those businesses are doing very nicely despite the economy.
Read the full article here…

Supplement Retirement Income With Network Marketing

Supplement Retirement Income With Network Marketing

Older coupleMillions of people are approaching retirement age unprepared and are looking for ways to supplement their income with network market- ing. You worked all your life, did everything right, even managed to save some money along the way — only to find yourself downsized out of a job, watching your life savings dwindle to nothing and fighting to save your home from foreclosure.

IF you still have a job, you’re working 70-80 hours a week just to scrape by, with no time to spend with your loved ones. Not to mention that you could be one paycheck away from being homeless! A network marketing home business can help you supplement your retirement income.

The Big Squeeze
What the hell happened? Many older Americans are downright ANGRY. The bank wants to take your home so someone else can buy it for less than half of what you owe?! Many corporations are buying out top executives because they cost too much in salary and benefits. What about your aging parents? How will you care for them and save for your kids’ college education?

UpsetSix Forces Destroying Retirement For Boomers
These six forces are too powerful to ignore. The question is how to ADAPT to this new reality.
1. Generational overcrowding – from 1946 to 1964, America grew by nearly 76 million Boomers
2. Corporate downsizing – middle management jobs held by Boomers are usually the first to get cut
3. First blue collar jobs were exported overseas, then white collar jobs
4. Shift from defined benefits to defined contribution retirement plans
5. The stock market crash beginning in March 2000
6. Generational discrimination

Not Ready For The Nursing Home
For many, the golden years arrived much too soon. You’re releasing long held dreams that now seem impossible to achieve. Foreign travel, time with friends and grandkids, financial abundance, access to the best medical facilities. How can you afford that family vacation you’ve always wanted to take? There’s still so much to discover. And you’ve earned the right for some dignity and respect in your later years. But hey, nobody’s hiring 55-year-olds anymore.

Adapt Or Let Strangers Take Control
What do you want to do about your circumstances? Have you considered working from home? Would you rather become another victim, blaming your problems on the government? What good will that do?

Not aloneYou’re Not Alone
Millions of Baby Boomers will reach retirement age during the next decade. Between 1946-1955, 38,002,000 babies were born in the United States. In 1956-1964 another 37,818,000 live births. That’s over 75 million people at or near retirement! That is powerful. You can choose to use your power to make America a better place for older Americans.

Explore All Your Options
It’s not too late to turn your life around. You can learn how to earn income working from home with network marketing, affiliate marketing, providing services, or turning a hobby into a profitable business. Most people start their home business part-time.

A Network Marketing Business Of Your Own
The opportunity for Networkers is unlimited, depending on the time, energy and skill you bring to your work. Creating income is just one of the benefits. Network marketing offers additional rewards like:

  • Tax Advantages. As owner of your own home business you may be eligible for tax advantages and retirement savings.
  • Small Initial Investment. For most companies, You can begin your business for usually less than $500. Unlike franchise owners who start their new ventures under a load a debt. Franchises can cost from $20,000 to $1 million plus equipment and employees.
  • Low Overhead. As a network marketer, you can begin your business immediately with no overhead, no leases, no employees and no inventory.
  • Flexible Hours. If you’re already employed, you can work your business part-time. You are free to fit your work around your life.
  • Ongoing Training And Support. You can begin with no experience. Many companies offer weekly webinars, teleconferences, success training with audio CDs, live events plus additional training with team leaders. If you choose, you can plug in to an event or training every day of the week.

Network Marketing fits today’s hottest trends — home business and self-reliance — and it can help you move beyond financial insecurity to economic prosperity.

Family manTake Back Your Life
Don’t let the economy control your retirement days. Live where You want with a home business. Rediscover inspired creativity. Empower yourself while contributing to your family legacy. Maintain your independence and continue to live a meaningful and relevant life. Nourish your spirit. Embrace change with greater flexibility and freedom. At 75 million strong, the Baby Boomer generation changes every life stage it touches.

Grateful For Freedom of Choice
I’m filled with gratitude for having lived in this great country. After I retired two years ago, I decided to create my own job, adopt a fun, flexible lifestyle, and promote products that empower and create wealth. My home business fulfills my desire to contribute to others while earning income and building my family legacy. If I can do it, so can you!

Learn more about the benefits of Network Marketing. Browse the Book Store, call or send an email. I’m here to help you get started.

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
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P.S. You may be skeptical about network marketing, and that’s understandable considering some of the ridiculous ways many reps choose to build a so-called ‘business.’ Baby Boomers will refuse behave like desperate broke people to make a buck! Let’s dispel 7 myths about network marketing once and for all. Click here for Free Report..

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Buy Assets For Independence

Kim Kiyosaki discusses the importance of buying assets first. It just makes sense.

Achieving financial security is more important now than ever before. The first step is to understand the difference between an asset which puts money in your pocket, and a liability which takes money out of your pocket.

For example, assets could include profitable real estate, stocks, savings, rare art and coin collections, silver and gold, and your network marketing business. Liabilities would include mortgages, credit card debt, and car payments.

Begin your financial education today with Robert Kiyosaki’s best selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Learn to create and buy assets that produce income for the financial independence you deserve.

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
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How Two Broke Musicians Became Facebook Rock Stars!

ConcertLayla and Toby Black have an incredible story to share with network marketers across the globe. How they went from being broke and living in a basement to realizing huge success in the network marketing industry in less than 2 years. Their lives turned around when they met a successful internet marketer at a live event, who told them about a marketing system built by marketers for marketers.

The couple learned how to leverage the Internet to build their network marketing business and then taught their Facebook strategies in a free webinar!

Who else wants to learn…

  • How to quickly and easily spin a profitable social web
  • How to sponsor 1-3 reps a week from Facebook in only 45 minutes a day
  • How to have your team achieve the same results Fast
  • How to drive 500+ unique visitors a day to your blog

They teach their four pillars of a successful Facebook strategy, including

  1. Create a Fun and Compelling profile page
  2. Create a Group using your name in the title
  3. Create a Fan Page with your picture and name
  4. Start adding targeted friends each day (and where to find quality people)

Learn how to connect with your contacts in a meaningful way, create compelling content on your blog, and use video to ‘become a real person’ and not just a picture.

The most important element to their entire strategy is to establish yourself as a Solid Brand by providing free value, such as “how to” videos, prospecting tips, and even some offline stuff.

If you want to take your business to the next level — Add Value, take daily consistent action, and do not put an expiry date on your success. Decide that you will stay the course until you are successful, whether it’s 2 months, 6 months or 2 years — it doesn’t matter. Understand and use the power of leveraging the Internet to build your network marketing business. Ready to Get Started?

For instant access to Toby and Layla’s complete free Facebook training: Click here

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
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Skype: cindy.mcmillan3

P.S. It’s Never been THIS affordable to get $1850 worth of Marketing Training:
==> http://cinmcmillan.mlsp.com/intro

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Network Marketing Success: Teach Others

speakerProvide value. The key to network marketing success is to teach others. All top earners in network marketing observe this law to become and remain successful. This is the great secret of all gurus. They give away free information. Business flocks to the one who’s established herself as an expert and proven that she knows what she’s doing by educating people first. Until you understand this, you’ll be one of the 95% of network marketers who fail. It took months to cement this concept into my brain.

“Don’t Market Products Or Opportunities. Market Information.”
Why? Because people are not interested in your opportunity, they are looking for someone to teach them how to build a network marketing business. People are absolutely starving for good high quality information.

If you are ever to be successful in marketing yourself on the Internet, teach others how to build a business BEFORE they actually join your business. People are looking for solutions. Give them no-nonsense business building advice. Show that you know what you’re doing and can teach them how to build a business.

Lead with business building info first. Market your knowledge and “how to” information. Want to know what top earners do? They teach…
– conduct seminars
– publish special reports
– start newsletters
– write articles
– speak at conferences
– post relevant content
– write books
– do interviews
– write more articles!

Successful network marketers give away free information. Offer the most value in the marketing message itself. Educate your readers, don’t sell them. Invest in your prospects first, before they ever commit to you. Your job in marketing is to give them information.

The more ‘reasons why’ you can give someone, the more educated they become about a subject, and the less they actually have to be sold. The more they understand how this business works, the more they appreciate what you have to offer them.

Give people valuable information that is highly useful to them, standing alone. Here’s a shocker: in The Renegade Network Marketer, industry giant Ann Sieg says “In fact, you don’t even want to mention your opportunity on your website. All this does is cause people to put up their guard.” She goes on further to say that you need your website to position you as an expert.

You want people trusting you as a resource first, before making a recommendation for your company. Trying to close someone too fast on the Big Sale [your MLM] is like asking someone to marry you on the first date. Build a relationship first.

“Don’t Sell Harder, Market Smarter!”
Offer your prospects something unique. Differentiate yourself or it will be impossible to attract people to you. The more unique you are, the more valuable you are – to everyone, and
– the more search engines with favor you
– the more your prospects and customers will be drawn to you
– the more opportunities will open up to you
– and later, the more other businesses will want to work with you

Remember, in your marketing online and in person, teach others and you’ll have a wildly successful business and lifetime customers. By providing good, high quality content, prospects can sell themselves. As they get to know, like and trust you, it will be much easier to take the next step to purchase products from you or work with you.

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
Design Your Life Starting Now

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Be The Messenger And Never Feel Rejected Again

You've got mailAre you frustrated in your network marketing business? Tired of being rejected? Ready to quit? Having trouble enrolling new distributors?

When you’re new, your first year will be slow. Allow yourself time to learn the skills required in this industry. What is the message of Network Marketing, and what are you really selling? The product you’re really selling is more freedom, more time and financial independence. With a network marketing business you can earn part-time or full-time income from home, on YOUR schedule. An average person can free himself from his job and get out of the rat race for good. As you build assets over time (your network), You teach others to do the same. What you’re really selling is reliable residual income for the long term.

Too many people see Network Marketing as a “get rich scheme.” No, not quite. Sorry folks. Yes it is the road to riches. But it grows very slowly in the beginning, and that’s where most people quit. It’s often quoted that 95% of network marketers fail, hence many people perceive that MLM is a scam. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that 95% of network marketers Quit!

Of course, you’re not concerned with quitters, because You are committed to succeed. You’re looking for answers and solutions. You already know you can start an MLM business for low cost and low risk, and that it has the potential for creating a 5-figure income each month in residual income. Now that’s worth working for.

So how do you stay sane and undaunted while you’re in training, feeling rejected, making zero income or maybe earning tiny checks from your MLM company? Here are a few tips…

girloncellphone1. Be Authentic
One-on-one relationships play an important role in your network marketing business. People want to work with someone whom they know, like and trust. Your prospects desperately need a real person who will guide them and show them how to succeed. Become that person and offer value. There is only one You, so stand out. Sell yourself.

2. Generate Income From Several Income Streams
Insufficient funds is the number one reason home businesses fail. Learn how to generate income from prospects even if they don’t join your MLM. Sell your marketing system. Everyone craves good, useful “how to” information. If someone isn’t willing to shell out $50 dollars or so to educate themselves on running a business, they’re not a serious prospect.

By making money right away — regardless of whether you sponsor people or not — the entire dynamics of your business changes. You’re no longer desperate to sponsor people. Nothing kills a sale like a desperate salesperson. Industry expert Ann Sieg, creator of
The Renegade Network Marketer©, teaches how to monetize your business and provide solutions for your target market. —-> Watch Ann’s video here.

3. Develop Your Marketing Skills
All good sales and marketing begins by putting the other person first. Become more interested in other people. Good marketing attracts targeted prospects. It just makes sense that person who comes to you is 10 times more qualified than anyone you could approach yourself. When you attract people to you, you’ll get results that are 10 times greater than the next guy, and the results come much easier.

So where do you begin? How will you learn to market yourself online and offline? This is such a VAST topic for a new person just getting started, that the best way to learn about marketing is from successful top earners in the industry. I strongly recommend the 30-day test drive with My Lead System Pro™.

4. Provide Solutions
People don’t buy products. They buy solutions. Every single person who has built wealth for themselves did it by solving other people’s problems. Your prospects have goals and aspirations they know they cannot fulfill with their 9-to-5 job. Not enough money, not enough time to have a life. They can’t stand their job or they’ve just been laid off. How can they fix their problems? Network marketing might be the solution. If there is some other way to accomplish everything you want in life besides MLM, would you want to know about it? Of course you would. So would your prospect.

writingnotes5. Manage Your Time
List your daily and weekly income-producing activities, then create a system that fits your personality. One method will not work for everyone. For instance, you may like to work in bite-sized chunks throughout the day and spread notes and papers all over your desk. Someone else may want to focus nonstop for 8-10 hours and keep everything filed neatly away in folders. The important thing is to do what works best for you.

6. Filter Out The Hype
You’re probably sick of the all-hype rallies that build up your hopes, only to be let down again. Well guess what, maybe your prospects don’t like hype either! Hype distracts you from focusing on your income producing activities — like calling your leads, providing solutions and enrolling new distributors. Make yourself more valuable by improving your skills and consuming relevant information, but consciously filter out distraction and noise.

7. Don’t Compete, Create!
Remember, You are unique and by positioning yourself as someone who has a lot to offer, you are even more valuable. It doesn’t matter what others in the industry are doing, because there is only one You. Strive to be yourself and offer excellent service. Soon you’ll be in demand, and everyone will want to work with you.

As you gain experience, create your own relevant content (audio, video, and written) such as reports, eBooks, newsletters, and special offers. Establish yourself as the expert and go-to person. There’s only one You, so there IS no competition!

The right people need what you have to offer. Network marketing is a better way for the average person to create an extraordinary lifestyle for themselves and their family.
You are the Messenger. Expose your message to hundreds and thousands of people —
in person, using email marketing, video, articles, newsletters, blogging, live events, social media, direct mail, advertising and many other ways.

Many people will decide your offer is not for them, and that’s okay. Don’t get frustrated. Never feel rejected again. Instead, hold your Vision and live the dream.

Cindy McMillanTo Your Success,

Cindy McMillan
Design Your Life Starting Now

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