Baby Boomers and Network Marketing

Good friends
Are you 50+ and wondering if you can start a home business? Yes, you can.

From 1975-2009 I was a good employee, lived paycheck to paycheck, and saved for retirement each month. Most years I had a good boss, and I was able to buy my home and a nice car. But like hundreds of thousands of families, there was no escaping the global economic recession as home values nosedived and my investments were wiped out. I knew my golden years would not be prosperous without long term residual income.

When I retired in 2009, the income from my retirement check did not cover my expenses. Old habits die hard, so I looked for another job and had a few interviews. Wow, in today's job market if you're over 50, forget about it! Besides, experience taught me that I would never create the life of my dreams as an employee.

Time with family How many stories have you seen the past two years about Baby Boomers losing 30%-40% of their retirement fund who now can't retire? Even worse, many have lost their jobs and are on the brink of losing their homes. When I realized that finding a decent job now would be extremely difficult, not to mention the low pay, I knew there was no way I could rely on a 9-to-5 job again. I could kiss my dreams goodbye forever...period. It became crystal clear it was time to create a new 'job' and become an entrepreneur.

Today I can work from home or anywhere with Internet access and a phone. There is no salary cap, and there are tax advantages not available to an employee. After searching for 2 months I found the right team and the right product to build my home business. Now I can earn unlimited income, and you can too!

If you are concerned about achieving the life of your dreams and want to create a new income stream, consider the network marketing profession. A recent survey shows 58 percent of Americans are considering second jobs. Whether you are a Baby Boomer, single mom, college student or a real estate professional -- you can learn to succeed in this business.

2008 Demographics from the Direct Sales Association
Direct Sellers Salesforce
21% -- Age 18-34
32% -- Age 35-44
25% -- Age 45-54
14% -- Age 55-64
8%   -- Age 65+

Female 82.4%
Male  17.6%

The key to your success is your network, becoming a professional, lots of training (including live events, online courses and marketing systems), building a team, ongoing personal development and promoting products that are in demand. Become part of a global movement and a growing class of wealthy entrepreneurs. The time is now. Network marketing truly is the business of the 21st century. You can start a home business part-time while retaining your current job.

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Cindy McMillanNow is the perfect time to start your home business!

To Your Success,

Cindy McMillan

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Why Network Marketing Is The Way To Go

Cindy McMillanIn today’s economy many Americans have delayed retirement plans because of layoffs and 401K losses. Thousands are turning to network marketing and home-based business to replace lost income. If you want to learn more about network marketing or how to market your business online, you’re in the right place. Hear Mr. Kiyosaki’s message about the importance of becoming
a business owner.

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Inspired by 33 Chilean Miners

Torres de Payne, ChileToday as the miraculous rescue of 33 Chilean miners unfolds, my heart is filled with anticipation. Few can imagine the extreme terror of being trapped underground a half mile for 69 days, both physically and psychologically. According to NBC News, no one in the history of mining has been trapped so long and survived. Yet, these men are alive. They have captivated the world. Soon they will be lifted out of the mine and safe with their loved ones.

Right now there are many online network marketers struggling to survive, in their businesses and their personal lives. Draw on the strength, endurance and unity of these brave men. Keep going. Don’t quit. Help is on the way.

Cindy McMillan
Fellow Network Marketer

My Offer: The Solution To Your Problem

Cindy McMillanWhy did I decide to start a home business? To provide solutions, inspiration and education for network marketers and home-based business owners, and to create freedom and mobility in my life.

Let's face it, the jobless rate in the United States is skyrocketing and is now 6% higher than it was before the recession of 2001. Not good, and downright dangerous... I'm sure the unemployment picture is much worse than reported.

Are you still relying on a 9-to-5 job to determine your future? I sure hope not. The times have changed...BIG time. The question is: Will you change with them? If not, you could be in for quite a rough ride ahead...

The good news is there's a very real "solution" to the unemployment crisis unfolding in the United States. You can create your own job like I did. As a matter of fact, you not only have a solution, you have a game plan, a proven business model, a turn-key marketing system, and a team of experts in place to assist you every step of the way.

...So that folks with ZERO experience can plug right in and have success in a matter of months, not years or decades like in the traditional offline network marketing model. Start your home business part-time while retaining your current job. Build your income and be prepared if the unexpected should happen. Imagine telling your boss at your J-O-B that you may not be needing him much longer.


With so many highly visible leaders to choose from, why work with me? First, I'm keenly aware of the value of personal one-on-one attention. I will never treat my clients like a number. Being your sponsor is a long-term relationship and I consider you my partner.

Second, I am a regular person who wants to help others realize their dreams, create more time and mobility, and earn as you learn. We all need a team to be successful. Are you ready to get started?

If you are new to MLM I recommend you read at least 3 books from my book store to get familiar with the power of network marketing. Buy them here or go to your local library. Visit book store.

Once you understand how network marketing works, you'll see the exciting possibilities that await you. There are hundreds of excellent products and companies to choose from. Check for membership in the Direct Selling Association.

If you've tried network marketing but struggle to find prospects, study the principles of attraction marketing taught by Mike Dillard in his book, Magnetic Sponsoring: How To Attract Endless New Leads And Distributors To You Automatically. An industry classic, he teaches you how to generate leads online and earn income even if prospects don't join your company.

Whatever you decide, I'll be here for you every step of the way.

To your success,

Cindy McMillan
Your Future Business Partner

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5 Ways to Build Your Subscriber List

EmailEmail marketing is more budget-friendly than other methods and helps build loyalty and trust with customers. If done right, it can be profitable for any business, no matter what kind of product or service you offer. With valuable content and consistent communication, you generate more sales and more profits!

The foundation for successful email marketing is a targeted, permission-based email list. If you’ve built up a list of opt-in subscribers that are qualified and interested in what you have to offer, then you’ve completed the first step.

Below you’ll find 5 list-building and retention ideas that will help you get results from your email marketing activities:

1. Provide useful, relevant content. Your visitors will not give you their email addresses just because they can subscribe to your newsletter free of charge. You have to provide unique and valuable information that will be of interest or use to them.

2. Add subscription forms to your social media pages. Make sure that you don’t waste this valuable source of revenue opportunities. Integrate your sign-up forms with Facebook and more!

3. Make it easy for readers to sign up. The more information you request, the fewer people will opt-in. In most cases, a name and an email address should suffice.

4. Provide samples of your newsletters and Ezines. This lets potential subscribers review your materials before they sign up to determine if it’s something they’d be interested in.

5. Give gifts subscribers can actually use. Offer an opt-in bonus for joining your subscriber list. Everyone likes to get something for free! And if you pass out “goodies” throughout the year, your subscribers will feel truly appreciated − and that’s good for business!

Organized Planning: The Sixth Step to Riches

Organized planWhy is network marketing so attractive to thousands of people in today’s economy? Job insecurity, disappearing retirement assets, declining benefits, and corporate hiring freezes are forcing many to consider network marketing for added income. Most will work part-time until their income replaces wages earned at a job. As a full-time entrepreneur, you can design a lifestyle that reflects YOUR values. Decide your monthly income, your schedule, where you live, and how many vacations you take. Once you create the vision, you’ll need a definite, practical plan to bring your vision from the abstract to the concrete.

Form A Clear Vision
In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill describes organized planning as the crystallization of desire into action. Begin by writing down your lifestyle vision in detail. For example, where will you live–near the ocean, the mountains, or in the desert? In the city or on a farm? Will you travel abroad? How often? Then calculate the monthly dollar amount required for your choices.

As a business owner, you’ll need to form a vision for your business. Think about your philosphy and approach. Who is your target market? What are the market needs you plan to meet? How do you plan to reach your market?

Create A Plan
Next, set your marketing goals. How many leads must you generate (and convert) each month in order to reach your financial goal? What sales volume is needed to reach the next level in your primary company? How can you help team members reach their goals?

Now create your plan for each day on a spreadsheet. Fill in your marketing strategies and the days/times for each task. For example, tasks for social media marketing, writing blog posts, placing free ads and paid ads, participating in forums, submitting articles, etc. Block out time each day to call your leads. Set targets for recruiting in your primary business, and for generating affiliate income. Include time to mastermind with key teammates. When you’ve completed your spreadsheet, you’ll have a blueprint for daily action.

Take Action
To succeed in this industry, you must generate at least 25 leads per day. This is where the law of averages begins to work like magic in your favor. When you can generate 50 leads per day, and your teammates are duplicating you, you’ll likely earn $100,000+ annually.

Know your goals and then create a clear plan to achieve them. Begin with just one or two marketing strategies and focus on them until you can generate 20 leads per day. Call new leads within 45 minutes when possible (prospects join real people).

There are 5 areas critical to success that you must include in your blueprint:
(a) leadership development
(b) marketing
(c) exercise/physical fitness
(d) telephone time
(e) personal/family time (your WHY)

Business Owner, Motivator, Team Leader, and Team Player
In How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business, Toni Coleman Brown reminds us that “you will wear many hats.” You must become a fearless leader, learn to manage your emotions, build relationships, master recruiting and training, have high energy, and never give up.

Set goals and take action. Envision your WHY when performing your tasks, and your work will be even more rewarding. You will succeed with a plan that is practical and workable.

To your prosperity,

Cindy McMillan

© 2010

Live More: Freedom of Time and Place


“…chances are that you don’t want to sit behind a desk until you are 62.” ~Timothy Ferriss

I just had to share this. Yes, you CAN redesign your life. Dust off long-forgotten dreams and bring back the excitement of living.
Do you want to glimpse a lifestyle that you never knew existed, with more time and mobility? Then I recommend a book that can change your life,
The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss.

This step-by-step guide to luxury lifestyle design is required reading for entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to live more and work less. Find out…

* How Tim went from $40,000 per year and 80 hours per week to $40,000 per MONTH and 4 hours per week
* How to outsource time-consuming tasks to virtual assistants
* How blue-chip escape artists travel the world without quitting their jobs
* How to eliminate 50% of your work in 48 hours using the principles of a forgotten Italian economist
* How to trade a long-haul career for short work bursts and frequent “mini-retirements”

Tim Ferriss abandoned the “deferred life plan” (slave->save->retire) and instead created a luxury lifestyle in the here and now. He shares his blueprint so you can design the life YOU want. One thing I know for sure, I don’t want to sit behind a desk until I’m 62!

If you want more freedom and mobility, read The 4-Hour Workweek.
Get Your Copy Here

Wishing you prosperity,

Cindy McMillan

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Create A New Income Stream Now

Create A New Income Stream Now

New income source

With our economy sputtering and jobs disappearing every day, it seems prudent to build a new income stream. Start a home-based business now– it could save you from financial disaster if you are laid off. You can work part-time while retaining your 9-to-5 job. Are you a real estate professional, insurance salesman, lawyer, doctor, airline pilot, college professor, accountant or other professional? Then take a closer look at network marketing.

As an employee, you get paid for YOUR efforts. If you don’t come to work, you don’t get paid. But as a network marketing pro, you will attract like-minded people and build relationships. You’ll decide what product or service to offer. Many people will become your business partners and customers. You’ll train and mentor them to be successful, and in turn, your paycheck grows. When you take the week off, there are still hundreds of people in your network building their businesses and you get paid for THEIR efforts. The larger your network, the more you earn. It’s called leverage.

Make sense? You can start a network marketing business while holding down your regular job. Take control of your financial security and empower yourself. Instead of worrying about downsizing or losing your home, take the time now to create a new income stream. Start an online home business. At least investigate the idea. Stick around and browse the Book Store.

Here is a step-by-step system to get you started on the path to financial freedom. We’ll be here when you’re ready.
Top 7-figure earner shows you how…

To your prosperity,

Cindy McMillan

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Building a Business Takes Time

Cindy McMillanLast month I decided to start my own network marketing business. Building a business–ANY business–takes time, knowledge and skills. Right now I’m getting my education. And I notice an interesting side effect of doing something different, stretching beyond my comfort zone. I am conscious of the spirit that inspires and sustains me. That quiet inner voice. Believe me it takes faith to start a business!

Soon I will be able to offer you the full service and value you deserve. Over the next few months I’ll learn about online marketing, copywriting, and how to use audio and video to connect with you. In this industry, you have to be committed and learn new skills. You must be consistent and take action. But the most important thing is you have to care about people. Network marketing is about building relationships. And I REALLY enjoy it!

I know you’re looking for the right person to help You get started. An experienced professional you can relate to and trust. If you’re already in business but struggling, you want a proven system that works for you and your team. That’s a tall order, and I intend to deliver.

For now check out my new book store and let me know what you think!

Yours in mastery,

Cindy McMillan

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