Are You Prepared For The Next Stock Market Crash?

Are You Prepared For The Next Stock Market Crash?Wall Street

Today on the U.S. stock exchange the Dow closed at 11,247 up 141 points or 1.27%, while gold inched lower to $1826.50 an ounce. The Dollar index slipped to 76.825 while the Euro rose slightly to 1.3756. Are you prepared if the stock market should crash next month or next year?

Unless you’re heavily invested in stocks, you may not pay much attention to these benchmarks. But millions of Americans have seen their retirement accounts decimated since the stock market crash in 2008 and wonder when they will ever be able to retire.

Take Back Your Power
That is why you and I started a home based business. To regain the financial security that is no longer guaranteed by an employer. Is your vision big enough to inspire you to move forward? Or is fear holding you back? This month many people looked back to remember events that caused a lot of pain and sadness. Like the World Trade Center attacks in New York City 10 years ago. This summer’s blockbuster “The Help” was #1 at the box office earlier this month, recalling a painful time in the American South in the 1960s.

Focus On What You Want
Would you intentionally cause yourself to be sad and hopeless playing reruns of awful memories over and over? Of course not. For many it happens automatically without any conscious thought. It’s almost comfortable to live in fear and despair because it’s unconscious. Wouldn’t it be better to consciously use your energy to take steps toward a positive future and financial security, so that you can weather the stormy economic climate and protect your loved ones?

You have the power to control your thoughts. You can choose to focus on your vision of empowerment, strong uplifting relationships, freedom and abundance. Create your new life! Look forward to the future and take action in the present.

Relationships Count
It seems almost counterintuitive, but the most important factor in network marketing profitability is not the products or the company, but your ability to establish and build Lasting Positive Relationships. Your success depends on it. Repair neglected relationships. Take an inventory of the value you can add to others. Make yourself a better person. Network. Someone recently said, “in today’s economy, you’re either networking or not working.” Realize how critically important your network is in preparing you for the next stock market crash.

Inspired Purpose
If you focus on improving yourself and your relationships, fear can no longer control you. With fear out of the way, you can create your vision and believe it’s possible. Imagine yourself in the life of your dreams and make your goals big enough to inspire you. When you are inspired, “work” becomes easier because you’re going with the flow not swimming against the current.

Make A Commitment
If you haven’t already started a home business to earn additional income, please make the decision to empower yourself now. Don’t wait for the next economic disaster to happen. Get started now with a team who can show you how to get the results that you deserve.

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Cindy McMillan
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