September 2012 Personal Development

September 2012 Personal Development

My sincere apology for being missing in action. Sometimes I get pulled in so many directions that I don't blog consistently. Got to get a handle on that. Does that sometimes happen to you?

We've just added The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz to the book store. This is the book we are studying as a team this month.

You can never overestimate the power of daily personal development time. Your education never stops. As part of your daily routine, spend at least an hour a day reading or listening to powerful messages from experienced leaders. Absorb their knowledge and wisdom like a sponge. Do this daily and watch the way you think change. When your thinking changes, it follows that your results will change too. Then apply what you learn and take ACTION.

Cindy McMillanStay tuned for better results and inspiration because you read daily!

Isn't it time to work on your goals for a change, and not someone else's?

To Your Success,

Cindy McMillan

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