Supplement Retirement Income With Network Marketing

Supplement Retirement Income With Network Marketing

Older coupleMillions of people are approaching retirement age unprepared and are looking for ways to supplement their income with network market- ing. You worked all your life, did everything right, even managed to save some money along the way — only to find yourself downsized out of a job, watching your life savings dwindle to nothing and fighting to save your home from foreclosure.

IF you still have a job, you’re working 70-80 hours a week just to scrape by, with no time to spend with your loved ones. Not to mention that you could be one paycheck away from being homeless! A network marketing home business can help you supplement your retirement income.

The Big Squeeze
What the hell happened? Many older Americans are downright ANGRY. The bank wants to take your home so someone else can buy it for less than half of what you owe?! Many corporations are buying out top executives because they cost too much in salary and benefits. What about your aging parents? How will you care for them and save for your kids’ college education?

UpsetSix Forces Destroying Retirement For Boomers
These six forces are too powerful to ignore. The question is how to ADAPT to this new reality.
1. Generational overcrowding – from 1946 to 1964, America grew by nearly 76 million Boomers
2. Corporate downsizing – middle management jobs held by Boomers are usually the first to get cut
3. First blue collar jobs were exported overseas, then white collar jobs
4. Shift from defined benefits to defined contribution retirement plans
5. The stock market crash beginning in March 2000
6. Generational discrimination

Not Ready For The Nursing Home
For many, the golden years arrived much too soon. You’re releasing long held dreams that now seem impossible to achieve. Foreign travel, time with friends and grandkids, financial abundance, access to the best medical facilities. How can you afford that family vacation you’ve always wanted to take? There’s still so much to discover. And you’ve earned the right for some dignity and respect in your later years. But hey, nobody’s hiring 55-year-olds anymore.

Adapt Or Let Strangers Take Control
What do you want to do about your circumstances? Have you considered working from home? Would you rather become another victim, blaming your problems on the government? What good will that do?

Not aloneYou’re Not Alone
Millions of Baby Boomers will reach retirement age during the next decade. Between 1946-1955, 38,002,000 babies were born in the United States. In 1956-1964 another 37,818,000 live births. That’s over 75 million people at or near retirement! That is powerful. You can choose to use your power to make America a better place for older Americans.

Explore All Your Options
It’s not too late to turn your life around. You can learn how to earn income working from home with network marketing, affiliate marketing, providing services, or turning a hobby into a profitable business. Most people start their home business part-time.

A Network Marketing Business Of Your Own
The opportunity for Networkers is unlimited, depending on the time, energy and skill you bring to your work. Creating income is just one of the benefits. Network marketing offers additional rewards like:

  • Tax Advantages. As owner of your own home business you may be eligible for tax advantages and retirement savings.
  • Small Initial Investment. For most companies, You can begin your business for usually less than $500. Unlike franchise owners who start their new ventures under a load a debt. Franchises can cost from $20,000 to $1 million plus equipment and employees.
  • Low Overhead. As a network marketer, you can begin your business immediately with no overhead, no leases, no employees and no inventory.
  • Flexible Hours. If you’re already employed, you can work your business part-time. You are free to fit your work around your life.
  • Ongoing Training And Support. You can begin with no experience. Many companies offer weekly webinars, teleconferences, success training with audio CDs, live events plus additional training with team leaders. If you choose, you can plug in to an event or training every day of the week.

Network Marketing fits today’s hottest trends — home business and self-reliance — and it can help you move beyond financial insecurity to economic prosperity.

Family manTake Back Your Life
Don’t let the economy control your retirement days. Live where You want with a home business. Rediscover inspired creativity. Empower yourself while contributing to your family legacy. Maintain your independence and continue to live a meaningful and relevant life. Nourish your spirit. Embrace change with greater flexibility and freedom. At 75 million strong, the Baby Boomer generation changes every life stage it touches.

Grateful For Freedom of Choice
I’m filled with gratitude for having lived in this great country. After I retired two years ago, I decided to create my own job, adopt a fun, flexible lifestyle, and promote products that empower and create wealth. My home business fulfills my desire to contribute to others while earning income and building my family legacy. If I can do it, so can you!

Learn more about the benefits of Network Marketing. Browse the Book Store, call or send an email. I’m here to help you get started.

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P.S. You may be skeptical about network marketing, and that’s understandable considering some of the ridiculous ways many reps choose to build a so-called ‘business.’ Baby Boomers will refuse behave like desperate broke people to make a buck! Let’s dispel 7 myths about network marketing once and for all. Click here for Free Report..

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