Synchronicity Leads To New Career

Synchronicity Leads To New Career

CareersThrough a series of coincidences, synchronicity and personal choices, I decided to start a new career in the network marketing industry October 2010. Finally a career that makes sense!

Before joining my network marketing company, I had learned many tough financial lessons while I was an employee (more than 30 years). Some were bad decisions on my part, and others involved circumstances outside my control. No matter what career you choose, only You can take responsibility for your lifestyle. For me, I knew it was time for a change.

What I like about network marketing is that my salary is based upon performance — not office politics. In my new career, it’s up to me to become a good team-builder and leader. My success depends upon how well I improve my skills — not whether my boss or coworkers like me. This career demands that you become knowledgeable about the industry and your primary company. Success ultimately depends on the value you contribute to others and your ability to form strong relationships.

The same is true for anyone considering starting a home-based business. If you’re new to the network marketing industry, you’ll want to read the information contained in this free report. Network marketing is an exciting career but there are a lot of misconceptions and negative perceptions which you must overcome. Learn how to grow your business like a professional and enjoy all the benefits the industry has to offer. Click here for instant access.

Cindy McMillan

Now is the perfect time to map out a marketing plan for your business. Get ready for an exciting year in 2012!

Best wishes for the New Year,

Cindy McMillan
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