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5 Ways To Recover From Network Marketing Setbacks

Tweet Let’s be honest. You’re gonna have setbacks in your network marketing business during the first year. Maybe you haven’t sponsored anyone in weeks. Or you haven’t called anyone on the phone in days. And your blog sucks. You attend all the webinars and trainings and corporate conference calls… listening on the sidelines while others […]

2011 San Francisco Mint Silver Eagle

Tweet 2011 San Francisco Mint Silver Eagle Supplies are limited, so don’t delay! Numis Network makes it convenient and risk-free for Silver Coin of the Month Club members with its exclusive 5-year 100% buyback guarantee. Click Now to Order Your 2011 San Francisco Mint Silver American Eagle Is this a great job or what! I […]

How To Position Yourself As An Expert

Tweet How To Position Yourself As An Expert As network marketers we all want to attract quality people into our organizations. But how? In order to position yourself as an expert or leader there are two essential skills you’ll need to master: 1. Provide solutions in a newsletter or through a product 2. Become a […]

How Global Debt Affects You

Tweet How Global Debt Affects You In this interview Claus Vogt, author of The Global Debt Trap, discusses how global debt affects you. While financially educated citizens can buy assets to preserve wealth, the poor will have no escape hatch. What are your thoughts on global debt? Are you currently buying assets to preserve your […]

Diane Kennedy Talks Taxes At Numis Network Event

Tweet Special Announcement: Best-selling author and renowned tax specialist Diane Kennedy to appear at Numis Network’s annual convention August 5-6th in Tampa, Florida. Tax advantages of home based business is one of many reasons people choose Numis Network. This August new member and rising star Diane Kennedy teaches how YOU can benefit from tax-advantaged income […]

Luxury Brands More Immune To Economic Downturns

Tweet Recession-proofing a business means moving it to a different, more affluent group of customers. Let’s face it, whom would you rather depend on to support your business as your customer? During economic downturns those in the middle are most affected. They tend to be living at their means or above their means, yet spending […]

Supplement Retirement Income With Network Marketing

Tweet Supplement Retirement Income With Network Marketing Millions of people are approaching retirement age unprepared and are looking for ways to supplement their income with network market- ing. You worked all your life, did everything right, even managed to save some money along the way — only to find yourself downsized out of a job, […]

Buy Assets For Independence

Tweet Kim Kiyosaki discusses the importance of buying assets first. It just makes sense. Achieving financial security is more important now than ever before. The first step is to understand the difference between an asset which puts money in your pocket, and a liability which takes money out of your pocket. For example, assets could […]

Network Marketing Success: Teach Others

Tweet Provide value. The key to network marketing success is to teach others. All top earners in network marketing observe this law to become and remain successful. This is the great secret of all gurus. They give away free information. Business flocks to the one who’s established herself as an expert and proven that she […]

Be The Messenger And Never Feel Rejected Again

Tweet Are you frustrated in your network marketing business? Tired of being rejected? Ready to quit? Having trouble enrolling new distributors? When you’re new, your first year will be slow. Allow yourself time to learn the skills required in this industry. What is the message of Network Marketing, and what are you really selling? The […]