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Synchronicity Leads To New Career

Tweet Synchronicity Leads To New Career Through a series of coincidences, synchronicity and personal choices, I decided to start a new career in the network marketing industry October 2010. Finally a career that makes sense! Before joining my network marketing company, I had learned many tough financial lessons while I was an employee (more than […]

How Free Blog Sites Can Help Your Business

Tweet How Free Blog Sites Can Help Your Business Has starting a blog for your home business become a roadblock? Are you afraid to commit because you don’t think it matters? Does setting up a blog seem too complicated and expensive? No problem. You can create a blog today for Free at these sites. Why […]

2012 Silver Britannia

Tweet 2012 Silver Britannia Numis Network is proud to introduce December’s Silver Coin of the Month, the 2012 Silver Britannia. This beautiful coin is ANACS certified and graded numismatically perfect mint state 70. Who is Britannia? The personification of the goddess Britannia has been an iconic image for Britain for well over a thousand years. […]

7 Essential Tools For Online Business

Tweet 7 Essential Tools For Online Business As home and online business explodes in the new economy, you may wonder what tools are absolutely essential and how much does it cost? Here are 7 tools you need for generating income online. 1. Websites – Decide what primary company you want to partner with. For example, […]

Diane Kennedy Talks Taxes At Numis Network Event

Tweet Special Announcement: Best-selling author and renowned tax specialist Diane Kennedy to appear at Numis Network’s annual convention August 5-6th in Tampa, Florida. Tax advantages of home based business is one of many reasons people choose Numis Network. This August new member and rising star Diane Kennedy teaches how YOU can benefit from tax-advantaged income […]

Supplement Retirement Income With Network Marketing

Tweet Supplement Retirement Income With Network Marketing Millions of people are approaching retirement age unprepared and are looking for ways to supplement their income with network market- ing. You worked all your life, did everything right, even managed to save some money along the way — only to find yourself downsized out of a job, […]

Starting A Business Can Be Scary

Tweet If you’re terrified about starting a business, you are not alone. It’s scary thinking about the investment of time and money required in order to turn a profit. Starting your own business is a commitment you should take seriously. There are so many offers and opportunities for home based businesses that you can easily […]

Baby Boomers and Network Marketing

Are you a baby boomer wondering if you can start a home business? Yes, you can.

Why Network Marketing Is The Way To Go

Tweet In today’s economy many Americans have delayed retirement plans because of layoffs and 401K losses. Thousands are turning to network marketing and home-based business to replace lost income. If you want to learn more about network marketing or how to market your business online, you’re in the right place. Hear Mr. Kiyosaki’s message about […]

Inspired by 33 Chilean Miners

Keep going. Don’t quit. Help is on the way.