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New Mexico On My Mind

Tweet ‹‹‹‹‹– Like this post? Share here! –››››› New Mexico On My Mind Settled in 1610, New Mexico became America's 47th State on January 6, 1912. This photo of New Mexico is courtesy of TripAdvisor Santa Fe, NM (above). My love affair with New Mexico, USA began in a bookstore in 2002. Two hardcover books […]

Remember The Instant You Decided

Tweet Remember The Instant You Decided Do you remember the day you started your home business and why? Maybe you need a gentle reminder (or a major kick in the butt). Take your memory back to the instant you decided. See the details of your physical surroundings, go deep -- the colors, sounds, other people, […]

Get Back To Basics

Tweet Get Back To Basics Sometimes you have to call a time-out, breathe, and get back to basics. The past 3 months have just plain worn me out. My home is on the market (not because I WANT to sell), I work part-time at the university, and I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to […]

Teachers On The Chopping Block

Tweet Teachers On The Chopping Block The job market in Las Vegas was devastated in 2008. Compared to 1998 when I moved here, it seems like construction workers have all but disappeared. New home building has grinded to a halt these past few years. State education budgets were also hit hard and the carnage hasn’t […]

Network Marketing Downline Builder

Tweet Network Marketing Downline Builder Need help building your network marketing downline? What is the best downline builder to use? Does a network marketing downline builder even exist? Well, I think you already know there are DOZENS of "downline builders" for your network marketing business. But there is no one magic bullet -- except YOU. […]

Change Is Inevitable. Embrace It!

Tweet Change Is Inevitable. Embrace It! No one can stop the wheels of change. Change is inevitable and you can either fear change, or embrace it! Which do you choose? One year ago today I partnered with an innovative company called Numis Network. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now, as […]

How To Position Yourself As An Expert

Tweet How To Position Yourself As An Expert As network marketers we all want to attract quality people into our organizations. But how? In order to position yourself as an expert or leader there are two essential skills you’ll need to master: 1. Provide solutions in a newsletter or through a product 2. Become a […]

Supplement Retirement Income With Network Marketing

Tweet Supplement Retirement Income With Network Marketing Millions of people are approaching retirement age unprepared and are looking for ways to supplement their income with network market- ing. You worked all your life, did everything right, even managed to save some money along the way — only to find yourself downsized out of a job, […]

Network Marketing Success: Teach Others

Tweet Provide value. The key to network marketing success is to teach others. All top earners in network marketing observe this law to become and remain successful. This is the great secret of all gurus. They give away free information. Business flocks to the one who’s established herself as an expert and proven that she […]

Be The Messenger And Never Feel Rejected Again

Tweet Are you frustrated in your network marketing business? Tired of being rejected? Ready to quit? Having trouble enrolling new distributors? When you’re new, your first year will be slow. Allow yourself time to learn the skills required in this industry. What is the message of Network Marketing, and what are you really selling? The […]