Teachers On The Chopping Block

Teachers On The Chopping Block

ChalkboardThe job market in Las Vegas was devastated in 2008. Compared to 1998 when I moved here, it seems like construction workers have all but disappeared. New home building has grinded to a halt these past few years. State education budgets were also hit hard and the carnage hasn’t ended yet. Again I was saddened to read today’s story about more teachers in southern Nevada receiving layoff notices. Read the entire Las Vegas Review-Journal story here: More than 400 teachers receive pink slips…

What will these teachers do now? What would You do? When will the bleeding stop?

When I found myself without a 9-5 job three years ago, I took action. After an unsuccessful job search, I turned to home business. It’s not for everyone. Most don’t make a dime the first year. There’s a wide bridge to cross between employee and business owner. But do teachers have an advantage?

In fact, teaching others is a critical component of building a successful network marketing team. We need more good teachers in the home business industry. With your classroom experience, teachers may have an advantage that most new business owners don’t. My team and company would benefit from all you have to offer. Even better, you can inspire countless others with your success stories.

I feel awful about more teachers losing their jobs in this economy. I pray that they have another source of income until they can find new work. Or start a new career. Many will be forced to move from their homes. Some will find jobs outside Nevada. Others won’t follow the crowd… they will find a better way with network marketing.

Discover how you can harness the power of the Internet to help build a network marketing business. I have 7 free videos I want you to watch. There’s no risk, just information. You may know someone who has lost their job or who is working harder and harder for less pay. Tell a friend who is thinking about starting an online business or working from home.

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It’s a whole new world out there. There’s chaos all around the globe. We all have to make changes… and see the hidden opportunities right in front of us.

Cindy McMillanWith home business, knowledge and action are what matter. Despite unexpected challenges, let’s keep moving toward our ideals and financial prosperity.

With compassion and hope for all Nevada teachers, their families and students,

Cindy McMillan
Home Business in Today’s Economy

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