Thankful For Being Loved

CornTomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States–my favorite holiday. Time for gratitude, reflection and celebration.

I’m so grateful for my friends and family, my parents, my warm home, the peaceful neighborhood I live in, and my work. I’m grateful for things I often take for granted, like my eyes and ears and hands, my good health, nourishing food to eat, running water, electricity, and my car. I’m grateful for my computer, the public library nearby, and freedom to learn new things and improve my life. How I love to go walking and hiking outdoors, and to watch the sun rise and set each day!

My gratitude list is endless, filled with good people, experiences and things. I am loved and very thankful for being alive in this time and place.

With deep appreciation, I wish you limitless joy, love and gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Cindy McMillan
Fellow Traveler

© 2010

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