Remember The Instant You Decided

Remember The Instant You Decided

The instant you decided

Do you remember the day you started your home business and why? Maybe you need a gentle reminder (or a major kick in the butt). Take your memory back to the instant you decided. See the details of your physical surroundings, go deep -- the colors, sounds, other people, the view -- as well as your frame of mind.

You may have been at home, at a coffee shop, or perhaps someone else's home. Did you decide over the phone talking to a fellow home business owner? More importantly, how did you FEEL when you decided? Were you excited, relieved, anxious, hopeful, fearful, confident, maybe even desperate? What were the circumstances in your life when you made your decision?

Imagine back to that day. Was it a well-research decision or merely impulsive?

Now fast forward to today. Do you believe you made a good decision and are you closer to your goals? Is your commitment to yourself and your business more solid now than when you started? Are you surprised at how much work is required to succeed?

When you feel yourself backsliding into apathy or doubt, or shortchanging your resolve and commitment, go back to that day and the instant you decided.

Persevere, master your skills, become a professional.

Your life changed the instant you decided. Remember that. You have the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. It's time to start making your dreams become reality!

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