Why Would Anybody Want To Buy Numismatic Coins?

Why Would Anybody Want To Buy Numismatic Coins?

You may be wondering, “what’s a numismatic coin?” That’s a good question. If you don’t know what numismatic coins are, then why would you want to buy them?

Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, and paper money… Numismatic value is the “collector value” above the face value of the coin. For example, a numismatic coin has precious metal value, face value ($1, £2, 10¥ etc.) and collectible value. Not like bullion coins worth face value and precious metal content at current prices (with no numismatic premium).

Okay, let me tell you my story…

When I retired from my university job in May 2009, I planned to keep working anyway. When I couldn’t find another 9-to-5 job, I decided to launch a home business in network marketing. With so many good companies to choose from, I narrowed my search to two companies. One company offered natural whole food supplements (I’m still a customer since 1996). The other company was unique and intrigued me—the products totally unfamiliar: numismatic coins.

ANACSsilverpandaI had never been exposed to coin collecting except for a few loose coins tucked away in a drawer. This is different—these are certified, graded, mint state 70 numismatic coins. Now, because of my network marketing company, owning silver money has changed my entire perspective on collecting assets and preserving wealth. These coins are enchanting.

This company is not about buying and selling questionable coins from strangers on eBay. It’s about building a valuable legacy you can pass down to the next generation. Building a collection of assets instead of more debt. It’s learning the history of each coin. It’s appreciating the beauty and artistry. It’s the look on someone’s face when they receive a numismatic gift, often for the first time! These coins are valuable.

Different From Other Home Businesses
It’s different from other home businesses because you know your customers are receiving real money in exchange for their dollars. Certified, graded silver and gold numismatic coins will always have intrinsic value. Assets you can hold in your hand that will never expire. Products which you can be very proud to offer.

Wouldn’t you rather collect valuable numismatic coins than more debt or clutter? Right now we’re in the middle of holiday shopping season. It’s interesting to note how the masses are braving crowds in discount malls to buy a lot of worthless stuff. No, I’m not anti-shopping. But imagine if people only bought valuable gifts for their family and friends this year?

It takes a special person to consciously seek to spend their hard-earned cash in exchange for only valuable assets. You recognize where the future is going, not where the masses have been. Imagine your valued collection in five years.

The Business of the 21st Century
The future is here. Home business is exploding. Demand for silver and gold is exploding. Numismatic coins are as popular as ever. The network marketing industry is a 114 billion-dollar industry worldwide. Social media sites are exploding. Leveraging the Internet to grow your home business is now required, no longer optional. In today’s skittish economy, learning new skills in sales and marketing may one day save your financial independence. (I’m not kidding.)

1997 Silver EagleSo why would anybody want to buy numismatic coins? It just makes sense to own more silver and gold. But be careful — know your retailer. Fake coins are everywhere. Only Numis Network offers a 5-year 100% buyback guarantee. The best guarantee in the network marketing industry. There is no assurance that coins you buy from individuals on eBay are genuine. Buy from a reputable retailer.

Convenient, exclusive, beautiful. Imagine opening your mail and finding a stunning, museum quality, certified silver or gold numismatic coin from a leading mint around the world. Your eyes will open wide in admiration at the treasure in your hand. For a lifetime.

Cindy McMillan

Collect Assets. Make Money. Have Fun.

Cindy McMillan
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