Why Network Marketing May Be Your Best Career Move

Cindy McMillanAre you searching for work you enjoy and a happier lifestyle?

Do you want to work from home?

Are you struggling to pay off student loans?

Did you retire early but still want to work?

Do you need a better car?

Do you want to create a new source of income?

Discover the solution for thousands of people — Network Marketing.

This could be a huge week for you. The kind of week you look back on as a pivotal turning point in your life.

Imagine . . .

* Having enough income to live well AND save for a comfortable retirement
* Doing what you love while serving others
* Working from your home office with flexible hours
* Spending more time with family and friends
* Driving your new car
* Dreaming BIG dreams again
* Transforming yourself from employee to entrepreneur!

Skeptical? What if I told you that network marketing is more than 60 years old and THRIVING!

Hi, I’m Cindy McMillan. Recently I noticed an old book in my bookcase called “Future Choice.” I starting reading it and was blown away. Why? Because it was published in 1996 and is even MORE RELEVANT in 2010!

Soon after I retired, I thought about my network marketing company’s business opportunity. After all, I have been a customer for 15 years. Maybe I could start a new career…. And that’s what I did.

For the first time in my life, I can actually earn a living without having a boss looming over my shoulder. It feels so liberating. Wait till you experience it.

Plus, with the help of modern technology, I am able to start dreaming again. It felt like the world discarded me when I retired, but now I feel strong and energized.

I will give you more details on my next post. But for now I simply had to share this with you from “Future Choice”:

10 Reasons Why Network Marketing May Be Your Best Career Move

1. As corporations continue to consolidate, improve automation, and ship jobs overseas, the number of jobs will continue to decline (they won’t come back)

2. If you have a job you can no longer enjoy the comfort of job security

3. Pensions, personal savings and Social Security (U.S.) do not assure a comfortable life. More people are choosing a 4th source of income: their own full- or part-time home based business

4. The Internet makes it possible to reach thousands of people interested in your product or service

5. Network marketing is a global movement for tens of thousands of people who care about opportunity, teaching others how to succeed, and giving back to the world

6. There are no salary freezes or caps. “Office politics play no part in your compensation; neither does favoritism.” You receive a bonus for your sales AND the sale of all products in your group

7. As you learn your business, you teach, coach and motivate members of your team. As they become leaders in their own right, ALL of you experience greater prosperity

8. Small initial investment. For example, you can get started for as little as $250-$500.

9. Low overhead. You can begin your business immediately with no leases, no contracts, and little or no inventory

10. Flexible hours. If you’re already employed, you can begin your Networking business while retaining your present job. 90% of network marketers work their businesses part-time

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