Your Inner Rock Star

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Your Inner Rock Star

Master speakerLast week I went to my first Marshall Sylver event as the grateful guest of a good friend. I learned firsthand why the most successful business owners and network marketers are those who master public speaking. Marshall Sylver is a master.

If there is one thing that most people would rather become paupers than learn, it's speaking to large groups.

I would know. I quit college because I flunked a course that required an oral presentation in front of the class. No way was I ever going to do a presentation in college. I'm outta here.

My fear of public speaking started in the fourth grade. I suffered the worst humiliation in school when a Catholic nun wouldn't let me go to the bathroom during class. (I knew I couldn't hold it any longer.) Then she called on me to stand in front of the class and do the first presentation of my young life. What happened while I was standing in front of my fourth grade classmates was embarrassing and emotionally painful. Geez, I was just a kid! That event, among others, is burned into my memory and affected the course of my life.

Present your ideasAdmittedly my self confidence is still a work in progress and every day I get stronger. Top earners and successful businesspeople command a high level of confidence and willpower. When you join a network marketing company or start a home business with big dreams of financial freedom, prepare yourself for transformation. It's a simple concept -- make more sales. And for people with few skills -- it's NOT easy.

To earn a decent income in sales, you have to get yourself in front of thousands of people and communicate the value of your product of service. And even more than that, you have to communicate the value of YOU! That takes confidence--your Inner Rock Star. Master speakers have charisma, they educate you, are great communicators, they're entertaining and project oodles of self confidence. People are attracted to them and will buy anything they promote!
Like A Rock Star

So get your Inner Rock Star primed up for business. Become an expert at getting your ideas across with style and confidence. Reach more people at live events, webinars and with videos. You can start with videos and work your way up to speaking on stage.

Set realistic expectations if you don't master this skill. Your income will be limited only by your ability to reach more people and develop a connection with your audience.

Most everyday things that we buy don't require that we attend a live event. Think banking, food, gas, utilities, insurance. Those companies get the word out with expensive television ads, through direct mail, print ads and neon signs. Big brands are also connecting with customers through social media and direct selling, and so can you. Live webinar presentations are one of the most effective ways for top earners to educate prospects and close sales!

Lady Antebellum and pop band Hot Chelle Rae perform at the 2012 CMT Music Awards in NashvilleThe goal for large and small businesses is finding loyal customers whose buying habits become automatic. (Lifetime customers are the treasure you seek.) If you are determined that you never want to be a public speaker, you'll have to be resourceful and find other ways to build trust and connect with your audience both online and offline.

But back to the Turning Point event hosted by master speaker Marshall Sylver. He was so engaging and so talented that I had to be honest with myself about my beliefs. Can I learn to be a good speaker? Do I even want to? Can I reach my income goals without getting on stage in front of hundreds of people? What kind of person would I become if I mastered this one skill?

ConcertGet in touch with your Inner Rock Star. She'll know what to do and give you the courage to get it done.

You are a top earner.
You inspire others and take action.
You are a leader.

See you on stage!

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