Your Success Depends On You

Your Success Depends On You

Success depends on youIf you are new to home business or network marketing, one thing is certain. Your success depends on You. Not your sponsor and not your company. The responsibility for your success rests squarely on your shoulders.

Here's an example. You join a network marketing company and enthusiastically try to sign up everyone you know. One person signs up and then you hit a wall. You try to encourage your 1-person team with tips on social media, Internet marketing and what to say to prospects. She sees your team isn't growing and decides not to follow your advice. That's okay. You know that your success depends on You. The same is true for your teammate.

It doesn't matter whether your sponsor is a completely new to home business or a network marketing recruiting superstar. Your success depends on You. Learn as much as you can from your sponsor, yes. But your success depends on your effort -- no matter how successful your sponsor. Some of your teammates won't listen to you. Your job is to make sure they have all the information they need to succeed and be there for them with encouragement and advice. Each individual makes their own choices based on their circumstances and resources. Naturally some members will generate more sales than others. That is to be expected.

successful marketingJust keep going. You've set a goal. Reaching that goal depends on You. Your productivity, your skills, and your time. If what you're doing is not producing results find out why and then change what you're doing. Understand that not everyone is interested in what you have to offer. Focus your efforts on your ideal customer. Narrow your niche. Learn solid sales and marketing skills. No one will build your business for you. Your success depends on You.

No matter what home business you're building, remember it's not sharing that will make you profitable -- it's selling! The same best business practices that work for corporations apply to your home business. Your success depends on you learning solid sales and marketing principles.

There is a lot more to network marketing than meets the eye. The concept is simple but NOT easy. You need a system to sort through potential customers to find high quality leads. So you can spend your time only with people who are interested in what you have to offer. And to stay in business, you must also generate income for your efforts.

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Cindy McMillanIt's time for goal-setting. Educate yourself so you can be more productive and get the results you want. Home business is a lot more FUN when you have dependable income for your family!

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